Here’s what you get for the 4 weeks:


ShapeHER Coaching Program 

HI!  My name is Kim Schaper and I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition, and life coach.  It wasn’t too long ago that I began my journey with online coaching in hopes of targeting a larger network of women that were searching for a place to call home.  A safe haven if you will, where women could come and speak their truth without fear of judgment or ridicule.  A place where other women could encourage and enrich each others lives through truth, authenticity, and honesty.

I cannot begin to express the overwhelming desire there’s been for a community of women that can pretty much have it all in one central location.  Meaning, a place for workouts, meal plans, support, guidance, motivation, companionship and a certified coach to help guide them along the way!  My goal is to create the best YOU, the woman that you’ve always been that needs just that extra little oomph to make it happen.  You’ve got it in there, it’s just a matter of tapping into it with the right support.  :)

For years, I battled a plethora of disordered eating patterns, a compulsive and grueling exercise routine and a mental mindset full of negative and debilitating self-talk.  It wasn’t until I finally came to the realization that my way was the way to total insanity and something had to give.  It was time for a change. With consistency by doing a little bit each day and surrounding myself with positive like-minded women, my battle with food and exercise began to get a little easier for me. After a time, the struggles began to transition into triumphs and the pain turned into joy.  That’s why I’ve created my ShapeHER coaching program where women can come in a group setting to learn a positive and sane approach to workouts, nutrition, mindset, friendships and so much more!


Here’s what you get:

  1.  Monthly workouts  you will have access to my portal where new workouts will be uploaded (3-4 each week broken down into 12 phases, unless we’re doing a 6 week block over the course of the year, totaling 48) in a PDF format along with videos for each exercise.  Each month will be a new theme, customized to create a shock to your system and keep your body guessing!  All you need are dumbbells, a mat and a great attitude!
  2.  Nutrition guidelines every month I’ll be posting new foods, healthy ways of eating and proper nutrition tidbits to help you look and feel your best! You will also find meal plans, nutrition tips, nutrition videos, articles and recipes in the portal!
  3. Live FB videos I’ll be popping in and out of the FB group on live video to discuss topics such as nutrition, fitness, workouts, proper form, mindset, travel tips and so much more!  This is an opportunity for you to access me in real time – I will also leave time for any and all questions you may have – either on topic or customized to where you are in your healthy lifestyle.
  4. Closed FB group  (Most valuable aspect of the program) Daily access to Kim via online group coaching in a private community-answering every single one of your questions in real time.
    This is the hub for support and guidance from myself and the other fantastic women in the group.  What does this look like?  We dive into nutritional troubleshooting, meal plan ideas, fitness related questions, workout templates, videos, recipes and so much more!  Struggling?  We got you!  Have questions that need to be answered in a safe and secure environment?  This is the place.   Not only is this group terrific for support but it’s a great place to hold space for companionship, camaraderie and lasting friendships.

Who’s ShapeHER coaching for?

  1. Someone who’s longing for consistency, motivation, and support with food, fitness and mindset/psychology.
  2. A woman who is dedicated and committed to herself and open to elevating her life physically and mentally.
  3. Those that want to stop the crazy train cycle in relation to food and fitness and learn a sustainable/realistic approach to weight loss and sustainability.
  4. Anyone seeking quick, highly effective workouts guaranteed to burn fat, boost metabolism and stimulate weight/fat loss.
  5. Someone who wants total permission to eat the foods they want, without letting the food control them (and without shame/guilt), while actively moving on with their day without the obsession around the calories.
  6. Women who want to find solutions and methods to making fitness more a way of life and setting realistic goals to stick with it.
  7. Ladies who are tired of doing tons of cardio and not seeing the results they’re looking for.
  8. Those that are keen on something new with a super supportive environment of like-minded women.


This program is NOT for those that are:

1.  looking for a quick fix
2.  not willing to put in the work for a healthier lifestyle change
3.  wanting a one-size fits all approach
4.  undedicated to positive change
5.  who only want hardcore, non-compassionate and strict rule type program


I’ve connected with hundreds of women over the last 11 years as a trainer and coach and they all tell me the same thing: they want a final landing spot for training + sane nutritional solutions along with like-minded women they can stay accountable and consistent with.  I’ve created ShapeHER coaching with that exact solution in mind.


Check out some recent kudos from some of the ladies!  

“I can’t tell you how great the small diet changes have been. I feel so much better, not bloated, and feel great about making better choices.”

“Know the work you are doing ripples outward in very important positive ways. I am grateful to be a part of this group and movement.”

“I am loving working out and eating clean.  I am gaining strength and firming up.”

“Thanks for all you do for us KIM! Seriously! I know it’s making a difference.  My husband has even said he can see changes in me – my attitude, mindset, patience with the kids and him etc!”

“Words cannot describe what a game changer this program was for me.   I feel like a new person and definitely not the same one that started 6 weeks ago!”

“I love Kim and her approach to health and wellness, she’s compassionate, holds me accountable and genuinely cares for my lasting health.”

“I went to try on my pants the other day and they are HUGE!  Thanks Kim!”

“I feel 100x’s better, more alive than ever before.  I feel like I have a new me and I love every minute of it!”

“I love the support and caring I got from all the other women in the group, these are lasting friendships for a lifetime.”

“I’m finally having a healthy talk to myself in the mirror each day!”

“I love how strong and lean I feel thanks to this program!”


coaching ladies #2



As soon as you join, you’ll be added to an exclusive email list where I’ll be giving you access to our closed FB community and my online portal.  Here, you’ll have access to all of our workouts, nutrition tips/plans and I’ll be using this list to sent you ongoing educational tools, and insights weekly along the way!  I would love for you to introduce yourself to the other ladies in FB group.  We’ll be spending lots of up close and personal time together, so let’s dive right in!

I can’t wait to connect, this is going to be so amazing!

As always, I’m here for any questions you may have!


  1.  What all do I get exactly?  You get tons!  :)  You can see above what all is offered in the program!
  2. How long does this program run for?  It’s a continuous program based on a monthly subscription so you can cancel at any time!
  3. What if I decide to cancel, how does that work?  All you have to do is go to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription. As soon as I get a notification, you will be removed from the portal and the Facebook page immediately. I will not pro-rate your month. So, if you cancel on the 10th of the month, you will be taken out on the 10th of the month.  Just note, if you cancel and choose to renew later, you will be responsible to pay the current price of the program.
  4. Do I get to talk to you on the phone and through email?  Everything is through the closed FB community but there’s always an option to purchase 1-1 coaching calls with Kim at a discounted rate!
  5. How will the money be deducted from my account?  Based on when you sign up, your account will be deducted monthly!
  6. Will I have access to workouts and meal ideas?  Absolutely!  All of that will be on the closed FB group and the portal for your convenience!
  7. Do I get to train with you 1-1 in person?  No, this is all done online but if you live in Atlanta area, you can come and train with Kim anytime at her personal training rate.







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