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I talk to women every day who worry about gaining weight, getting too “bulky” with weights or need a revamp with their food and have no clue where to start.   My approach is very simple….customize, customize and customize.  Diets and exercise programs are NOT meant to be “cookie-cutter” approaches, instead they’re meant to be tailor-made specifically for that person.

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Shapeher Coaching Program

Are you looking for a fresh start or a place to bring the spark back into your workout routine?

In search of a community of like-minded women who are enthusiastic, authentic, fun and supportive?

On a budget?

Need accountability and nutrition tips?

ShapeHER Monthly Coaching is for YOU!  Check out what the hypes all about below.


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1-1 Online coaching + Nutrition

Some of us need a bit more customization and accountability with our food and fitness which is totally understandable.

If you’re looking to level-up and begin a new wellness routine to your life or switch up your current routine with more 1-1 attention, this is for you.

Don’t worry, clicking the *apply now* button doesn’t mean you purchase right away, it just means we jump on a call to make sure we’re a good fit and get an idea of what your goals are.

This program is a 3-month minimum commitment because I want to get you the sustainable results you’re looking for.

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