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Candida Cure

A 28-Day Sugar Detox to Cut Cravings, Reset Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Naturally!

Starting July 5th!

Only $147

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“I don’t feel as bloated, puffy or swollen. My clothes are fitting better and I feel so much happier!”


28 Days.  Cut Cravings.  Increase Energy.  Drop Body Fat.

Welcome to Candida Cure!

A 28-Day Sugar Detox Program Set to Help You Drop Stubborn Body Fat, Boost Your Metabolism And Feel Amazing For Life!!


“Sugar is in everything and you have to read labels religiously. I found it valuable.”

Do any of these sound like YOU?


Your #1 issue is bloat and massive sugar cravings 🍭


You can't lose weight and the pounds keep piling on


Your cravings feel out of control 😩, even if you eat " clean" during the day?


You have brain 🧠 fog that won't go away


Your anxiety is high and you're struggling with digestive issues

What Do You Get With Candida Cure?

Facebook Group

Get Exclusive Access to a Private Facebook Group Where I Answer Questions in Real Time & You Get Unlimited Support! 

(4) LIVE Masterclasses with Kim

Join me LIVE for (4) 30-Minute Masterclasses on Metabolism, How to Cut Sugar Cravings and so much more!



Exact Meal Plan

One Of The Amazing Perks With #CandidaCure, Get INSTANT Access to a Simple 28-Day Anti-Sugar Plan So You Don’t Have to Guess What You Eat.


Grocery List

Game-Changing Grocery List Available For Easy Access On Your Mobile Device for Fast and Convenient Shopping.  




“I loved this program. The food was amazing – I ate things I NEVER would have thought I would and it really helped clear up my sugar cravings.”

During These 28 Days You’ll Learn:


Why You Have Cravings & How To Get Rid of Them


What Supplements Are Best For Sugar Cravings


The #1 Reason You Want Sugar and How To Change It


How To Fix Your Bloat With Simple Digestive Fixes


The Secret To Amazing Energy With Easy Nutrition Changes


Top Metabolism Boosters For Fat Loss and Energy


My Famous Breakfast That'll Keep You Full for Hours!


“I enjoyed the meal plans and reminders for eating and pills. I felt great on it!! I realized how many places had hidden sugar.”

Important FAQ’s

Do supplements come with the sugar detox?

Yes, I do recommend 3-4 specific supplements to help with sugar cravings.  I will give you the names and links to purchase upon sign up.  The sooner you buy the better so they can arrive before or near our start date. 

On average, you will spend about $100-$150 on the supplements but they are worth it! 

Is there a meal plan I can follow?

Yes!  I will provide you with a meal plan & a grocery list for the 28 days.  In the FB group many of the women share their ideas too!

Is this meal plan flexible?

It is, you don’t have to follow it exactly but it does help to follow the general guidelines to get the most out of the program to get results.

How much access do I get?

You get access to Kim in the private FB group M-F to ask questions and (4) 30-minute Masterclasses each with with Kim.

Can I ask questions in the group?

Of course!  That’s what it’s for.  You can ask any questions you wish within the group.  If you need more customized support you can set up a call with Kim for an additional fee.

Can I email Kim if I have questions?

No, sorry all questions will be answered within the group but if you have tech related questions you can email them to

Can this work if I'm vegan or vegetarian?

Not really, there is some meat requirements for this program so I recommend not doing it if you cannot have any protein sources.  If you eat eggs and fish that’s completely fine.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, once you purchase you get immediate access to the course and documents so there is no refund.  I promise you will enjoy it & get results!


“I don’t know what I’d do without you!  My cravings are gone, I have more energy and my pants are way to big now!”



After years of suffering with hormone imbalances, bloating and weight gain, I finally decided to take my health into my own hands.

Especially when doctors were not listening to me and I was getting nowhere.

“Just eat less and exercise more!” or “You are getting old, it’s part of it.” or ” Everything is normal!”

I was eager to learn, educate and surround myself with the smartest and brightest so I can help women just like YOU!

Now that I feel amazing, with loads of energy, lean muscle mass, clear thinking and balanced mood, I had to share all my golden nuggets with you.

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you and see your transformation into your best self!

YOU too can have the life you want.

Full of energy, a healthy sex drive, robust metabolism and less sugar cravings!

It’s time to get your life back and I’m here to show and help you every step of the way!




“I lost 8 lbs on the program (mostly water), felt the best of have in almost a decade, and learned how to listen to my body.”


“Thank you for all the knowledge and power you give to your clients. I’m a better advocate for my own health.”


“Your program and your positive encouragement were invaluable to me. I’m so grateful that my friend referred me to you.”