Cut The Crap Collective

Experience an epic results-driven fat loss and strength training program for men and women. 

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Meet #CutTheCrapCollective

With 20+ years of experience and thousands of clients transformed, Kim gives you an unparalleled experience unlike anyone else.  She's developed a program that will give you muscle, reduce your body fat and boost your metabolism. If you're ready to transform your body and mind, Cut The Crap Collective is here.

It will change the way you train forever. 


A month-to-month online subscription training program. Cut The Crap Collective emphasizes the fundamentals of fat loss and strength training. It builds on skills each month to achieve lasting results, using techniques backed by years of research.


Fat loss, muscle gains and metabolism boosts are just a few of the results you'll see when you join Cut The Crap Collective. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to have a true mind, body and muscle connection.


#CCC is community based, offering a unique online platform to interact with others who are enjoying the same program. Receive extra support and guidance from a like-minded exclusive group and expert trainers.


Create life long habits with workouts that are 1 hour or less. Real results don't take hours in the gym. And, with new workouts, tips and tricks added each month, you'll be excited to keep up your hard work and won't get caught in the same routines.

Included in The Program

Monthly Updated Workouts + Add-Ons

3 strength and 3 cardio workouts along will additional targeted muscle group add-ons that you can perform during any workout.


Nutritional Guidance From Our Experts 

Registered dietitians educate you on foods for fat loss, sports nutrition, macronutrients and more every month.


No Fads, Just Awesome Results

We guarantee that Fit Formula is life-changing and not another cookie-cutter training program. The method is tested and proven.


Community Support and Interaction

Extra motivation and support through an exclusive community of all fitness levels, in a fun, encouraging environment.


Mobile-Friendly Portal and Videos 

No need to print the workouts or type notes from the videos. You'll have access directly from your phone while you're in the gym.


Scientifically Based Formula For Success

3 key fundamental blocks to the Formula: dynamic movements, explosive exercises and fundamental lifting categories.

Level up every month with Fit Formula.
If you're not already convinced...

We all can relate to hitting a road block at some point during our fitness journeys, but Fit Formula is designed to combat any concern. We've been there, and we know how to power through.

Lack knowledge of how to achieve results?
Fit Formula's workouts are developed to take the guess work out of what to do in the gym. It gives you structure on each muscle group and offers modifications for all fitness levels.
Don't have a lot of time to spend in the gym but still want results?
Most people think you have to spend hours in the gym to lose fat and gain muscle, but that's not true. Fit Formula is designed to cut out wasteful time and optimize the exercises performed to maximize your results. 
Easily bored, lack motivation and quit after a few weeks (or days)?
These workouts are challenging, but oh-so-satisfying - we promise you won't get bored. If you need an extra shot of motivation, that's where Fit Formula's community group makes the difference. 
Not ready for 1-on-1 coaching or personal training?
We get it, personal coaching and training is time consuming and expensive. Fit Formula offers the exact same workouts that you'd receive in the gym for a fraction of the cost.
Tired of mixed messages online about strength training?
Fit Formula cuts out the noise; it's no-nonsense and gets straight to business. The program guides you step-by-step to change your body composition through proven methodologies.

Not sure what to eat or if your body is hormonally balanced?

It's a fact that you won't achieve any fitness goals if you don't have proper nutrition and your hormones aren't in check. Fit Formula educates on proper diet and balanced hormones. 
Don't just take our word for it.
Meet folks just like you who have transformed their bodies and minds through Fit Formula.
"I really, really love the workouts.  I feel myself getting stronger every month.  I've also continued to lose inches and feel confident.  I love Fit Formula!"  -Laura Tennant

"Fit Formula is the most cohesive, well rounded program I’ve found. Consistently following Fit Formula has brought me exciting results in the gym. Kim and Ryan bring so much knowledge and skill to the table!" - Alli Smith 

"without fit formula, I would not be where I am today. I know my body more now than I ever have. I’ve applied everything Kim and Ryan have taught me. From exercise and recovery to  strength training and nutrition along with proper sleep habits I feel incredible and have shed a ton of fat.” - Katie Robinson

"I'm definitely getting stronger and loving the shape of my body.  My self-esteem has really increased when I look in the mirror.  My thighs have also become slimmer so that's a plus!  I LOVE Fit Formula and always look forward to the workouts." -Leigh

The Formula
3 Keys to Your Ultimate Transformation

Dynamic movements increase your body temperature, activate your muscles and wake your nervous system to prime you for an effective workout. This part of the Formula activates the “software” of your body to prep you for quick movements and heavy lifiting.


Fast, super-charged exercises are scientifically-proven to shed fat and facilitate heavy lifting. You'll throw and jump directly following your dynamic movements. Explosive motions in the Formula will bring out your athleticism, which better equips you to take on heavy lifts.


Gaining solid muscle mass requires building on 6 fundamental movement categories: squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull and carry. You will perform all movements forwards, backwards and laterally to ensure equal distribution and muscle gain on all sides of your body.

Example Workout 
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We all window shop. Check out what you can expect from a Fit Formula workout.

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Meet The Brains 

Over 35 combined years of experience in fitness, nutrition, hormones and wellness coaching.

Kim Schaper 


Kim Schaper is a speaker, holistic wellness coach, certified personal trainer, and women’s hormone expert. With clients ranging from professional triathletes to busy lawyers and mompreneurs, she speaks to the successful woman who has built an incredible life for herself, yet suffers from stress, health and hormone issues. 

When Kim’s doctors told her to, “Just drink more coffee,” to overcome her fatigue, Kim knew that there had to be another way, and didn’t rest until she found it. As a result of Kim’s expertise and customized coaching style, hundreds of women have brought their hormones back into balance, lost incredible amounts of weight, reclaimed the gift of a good night’s sleep, and traded in their chronic stress for a regular state of relaxation. 

Kim resides with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia and is a proud dog mom. 

Ryan Owen


With over 20 years experience, Ryan’s a highly sought-after coach for healthy and injured people alike. Ryan has helped people at all levels - from youth sports to ACL rehab and CEO’s - achieve their highest levels of performance and health. His main goal is to help you move better, so that you can excel at the activities that make you happy.

Ryan has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of sports performance and personal training over his career.  He’s perhaps best know for helping his clients “bridge the gap” from physical therapy to moving and operating at high levels again.

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Ryan received his Bachelors degree for the University of Georgia with a focus in Exercise Science. In addition to his degree, Ryan can also be credited with completion of numerous certifications including: NSCA CPT, USAW Club Coach, FMS, BioForce Conditioning Cert, and PRI.

Plans & Pricing

Fit Formula starts at a monthly rate that is half the cost of ONE personal training session. You get a month worth of workouts from our experts for a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 session in the gym.

Give yourself the treat of a professionally-guided fitness transformation with the support of an empowering community.

charged monthly
  • New workouts each month
  • Guaranteed to gain muscle
  • Drop stubborn fat
  • Exclusive online community
  • Cancel at any time
charged every 12 months
  • Our best pricing
  • ALL features of our monthly AND 6 month packages


(1) 30-min

Diet Audit Call with Kim

charged every 3 months
Get 10% OFF!
  • Save by purchasing in advance
  • All features of our monthly package 


Our 20 HIIT Workout Bundle

The Facts:

You will achieve results if you're committed. Fit Formula is designed to be extremely effective, but it only works if you do! We know you can do this, which is why we've made these workouts challenging and fun. You'll feel the burn while enjoying the sweat.

These really are scientifically proven methods. Our team has studied the body for decades and have multiple degrees and certifications in several areas. They continue to perform research, attend conferences, and educational classes to bring you tried and true methods.
Fit Formula creates and builds a foundation you can use for life. Fit Formula isn't a fad or the current craze, it's a real program that gives you the tools to form a life-long, sustainable training regimen.
  • Change the way you train.

    Unleash your inner athlete and transform your body.

  • Real experts. Real results.

  • An endless variety of strength exercises every month.

  • Muscle Gains. Fat Loss. High Metabolism.

  • We can't wait to have you on our team!

    - Kim & Ryan


We know its boring, but just in case.....

Can I cancel at anytime or am I locked in?
We always want you to be a part of our team and continue your progress, but you can cancel your membership at any time.
What if I join in the middle of a month?
Don't worry! Your first monthly subscription is released the day you join, and subsequently every 30 days from that date.
Is Fit Formula for all fitness levels?

Yes! Modifications are offered for all fitness levels. However, gym experience is needed to gain the full benefits of Fit Formula.

I love it so much! If I refer a friend, is the love returned?
We love the love and referrals. There is a referral program: receive a FREE month for every referral who stays 3! Fit Formula is made for everyone!


Ask our support team


FIT FORMULA  works on your mobile device!

No need to carry sheets of paper around the gym or spend time copying workouts on your phone. We've got convenience covered! 

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