Hormone Reset Program
A 6-Week Program That'll Teach You How To Balance Your Hormones, Increase Energy and Achieve Optimal Health and Harmony.

"Kim, this program has been very resourceful and eye-opening.  I am on week 3 and I'm already learning so much.  I truly appreciate your knowledge and I finally feel like I have answers to my health issues.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" -Carrie

If You’ve Ever Struggled To Find The Answers For Your Lack Of Energy, Moodiness, Stubborn Body Fat, Infertility, Bloating Or Absent Sex Drive Please Read On Because No One’s Talking About This Stuff.

“My emotions spiral out of control right before my period starts and I feel like I’m losing my mind.”
“Birth control is ruining my life. No sex drive, extra long periods. What should I do?” 
“What's happened to my sex drive?” 
“So let me start off with a little history, I am 23, 5'2, 98lbs and have had 14 periods since I was 17.” 

Seriously, it took me 2 minutes to find women suffering out there without answers just like me.

Women are everywhere searching for answers because the doctors won’t help. That’s why I’m here for you.

So before I go any further… pay close attention to this simple little triangle.

If I understood this triangle years ago, I wouldn’t have gone through the pain...agony...and deep depression I had. 

I wouldn’t have had to suffer through:

  • Major depression
  • Anxiety
  • Major weight fluctuations
  • Brain fog
  • Missed menses
  • Adult acne
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • ...And Burnout 

“I can’t follow a program to save my life but I love your programs and feel so much better all around!” ~Leigh~

What happens when women start to understand how to balance their hormones this way? 

😱 “ We’ve had sex more in the last 3 days than we’ve had in the last 6 months” 

😱 “...never has my rosacea has cleared up so much” 

😱 “I am much more at peace with my body.” 

😱 “I lost 6 inches overall :)” 

😱 “I took an ovulation test this morning and I’m ovulating for the first time in months” 

😱 “I have been more motivated than ever and it’s not a “phase” this time”

😱 “...no more bloating. My stomach actually feels FLAT” 

😱 “...my headaches ARE GONE. I feel like myself again and I feel incredible.” 

And that’s just a TINY percent of women who have finally understood why typical advice were making them sick.


They told me it was all in my head,

but they were sooooo wrong.

But what bothered me the most was TRYING to dig up the cause. What got me here? Because if I knew that I would be able to reverse it.

Well, I finally figured out what triggered all of this for me. And why so many women suffer today from unexplainable symptoms.

Before you read any further...

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms...

✅ Bloating

✅ Fatigue

✅ Irritability

✅ Stubborn Body Fat

✅ Anxiety

✅ Acne

✅ No Sex Drive

✅ Depression

✅ Hair loss

✅ Palpitations

✅ Mood swings

✅ Infertility

If you’re experiencing any of those symptoms, its a clear sign your hormones are out of whack like mine were. The good news is it doesn’t take all that long to get ‘em back on track.

...especially if you avoid the things constantly messing with you.

"It’s only been a weekish since I’ve started my supplements but I feel more relaxed! I know 4-6 weeks is a good time frame to really see a difference but I can tell. And I’m PMS phase right now. Also, I haven’t had any bloating! That’s usually a daily thing for me." ~Kayla~

Did You Take The Pill?

Honestly, I don’t really want to get into this here. 🙅🏼 It sucks. No one tells us what the pill really does. No one tells us how it’ll affect us 5, 10, 20 years down the line.

And I know as much as you’d want to know all the reasons why you feel this way...I’d rather focus on how to get you out.

Because it makes me cry when I see women who actually give a shit. Who actually care, put in the work, and are just listening to the wrong people...

I couldn’t change the fact that I took the pill. I couldn’t go back in a time machine and change the decisions I made. But I could change the now.

And I could avoid self sabotaging my own hormones with things they said were healthy.

I could fuel my body with the right actions, movement, thoughts, food, and a lot of it. That’s right A LOT. 

And this triangle helped me understand what they REFUSED to tell me... 

Maybe you’ve seen it before, maybe not. But it’s the foundation that got me back to feeling like me again.

If I didn’t understand this simple little triangle...

Women are everywhere searching for answers because the doctors won’t help. That’s why I’m here for you.

So before I go any further… pay close attention to this simple little triangle.

If I understood this triangle years ago, I wouldn’t have gone through the pain...agony...and deep depression I had. 

So let me explain this triangle REALLY quick...

This triangle is like a struggle of power and energy. If one sucks a lot of your energy the others will become starved.

Does that make sense?

So if you’re super stressed it’s why you might miss a period...or lose your sex drive.

If your body is fighting a hidden infection or you have something called leaky gut your thyroid might be the first to suffer.

...and that’s why you can’t lose weight no matter how little you eat. 

Who Cares? Why Does That Stupid Little Triangle Really Matter? 

Certain symptoms will tell you which part of your body is suffering. Which is taxed. What needs support...and help.

And it’ll give you an answer on how to RESET your ENTIRE system. 🔁

...and start to naturally balance your hormones and the 3 points of the triangle. 

✅ So you can get your sex drive back, and experience pain-free periods. 

✅ So you can feel clear, energetic, and excited like a kid again. 

✅ So you can lose weight naturally WITHOUT a diet.

So here’s how I finally dug myself out of the hole...and how you can too.

I did everything they never talked about because the “right” way wasn’t working.

Instead of eating less...I ate more or the right things. 

Instead of taking drugs...I cleared my system. 

Instead of the gym...I went outside and RELAXED.

But most importantly, I did find someone...actually a group of healers that changed my life for good.

I thank God everyday. 🙏🏼

Because I was depressed, without a period, and the bloating made it look like I was 7 months pregnant.

...and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Imagine If You Could Push The Reset Button And Educate Yourself On How To Balance Your Hormones in 42 Days?

No matter where you start...nearly every woman’s adrenals (hidden stress) steals from their thyroid and sex hormones.

...and the stress isn’t just coming from your job, relationship, or your head.

That’s why women experience early menopause, hair loss, mood swings, lack of sex drive, and all the other “unexplainable symptoms”.

...and why they CAN’T GET PREGNANT. 🤰🏼

The key is to nourish the adrenals so they stop STEALING from the other systems in your body. 🗝

...and once you support your adrenals it’ll feel like magic. All the other symptoms will vanish.

Instead of covering up your symptoms with birth control and starving yourself of every food…

Your body will heal naturally. 

That’s Why I created the 6 Week Hormone Reset Challenge...
So You Can Empower and Educate Yourself!

No, this isn’t another diet...this isn’t just some stupid course or fitness program. This is 42 days. You me and the girls getting back to being who we really are.

Getting our mojo back. Feeling sexy again. Losing weight effortlessly. Eating more and caring less.

And it happens in just 3 phases. 3 parts of our body we need to detox. 


Movement, but not the kind they told you about. Not the gym.

...like Qigong, yoga, and low intensity exercise.

And by the time you’re through the program I’m sure he’ll supply all of the stress relieving exercise you need.

...guess we can’t call that low intensity.

Anyway, there’s a reason why I chose spring. Its an exercise for your mind and a detox for your thoughts.

So you have no excuses. Every day I want you outside.

Because you have no idea how much you’re deficient in nature, girl. It’s God’s most potent medicine.

"Kim, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the last 4 weeks. I have learned so much and I've been researching other programs and nothing is as intensive for such a good value.

I've learned so much.  Thank you for being such a great role model, leader and friend!" -Shannon


It’s time to vent...like really VENT.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”- C.G. Jung

Everyone talks about stress, but no one says what to really do about it. Or where it’s really coming from.

...how to be resistant to it.

...how to bounce back and be resilient every time life throws you for a loop. Because that’s just something we can’t avoid.

...and it’s not just me. I’m bringing in the experts.

Because chronic stress that hides under the surface is the most damaging. The fears, trauma, anger, guilt, that just sits inside of us.

Bad breakups, relationships, childhood, bullies, and toxic thoughts just sit there...hiding in the back of our mind.

And we need to clean them out.

We need to remember who we are. And luckily for me I was introduced to things that aren’t just a Google search away.

Otherwise who knows if I’d still be here sitting at my computer, sipping a hot coffee, and writing this letter to you today.

That’s why I’m not only bringing back my lessons from the REAL experts, I’m bringing them.


Instead of starving yourself and fighting hunger...you’ll feel satisfied in more ways than one ;).

This is about keeping your blood sugar stable so you don’t have to fight those fat storing hunger pangs.

Or have to scare people away because you’re hangry.

Instead of restricting your food intake we’ll add foods to HEAL your hormones and supply loads of feminine energy.

Your partner will notice immediately. The glow in your skin and the amount of pheromones you’ll release.

Baaaaaabbbbyyyy it feels good to have your power back.

So What Does It Cost To Join This 6 Week LIVE Hormone Reset Bootcamp?

I’m going to be honest. My clients pay me $4000 to help revive their hormones, regain their health, and get their mojo back. But my coach asked me one simple question that changed everything for me...

“How many people do you think you’ll help at that price?”

He went on and said…

“If you really want to spread your message and help women stop suffering and start thriving you need to make it affordable for ANYONE.

...that’s REAL IMPACT.

But you have to make sure you attract the right women, who are still willing to put in the work. Because lowering the price often means lowering the commitment.

You need woman READY and fired up for a change. Women tired of the BS, the detoxes, diets, and advice that keeps them stuck.

And you need to limit it to a small group at first so you can give them the attention and support they need.”

So here I am listening.

Doing something I never would have done because it feels right. I know with the right women I can change the world.

Everything You Need To Feel Like You Again...Well, Except A Very Loooooonnng Orgasm. 

Here’s what you’ll get inside the program:


  • Why "you are what you eat" is an outdated fallacy
  • Weird techniques that I'll teach you about low stomach acid and "leaky gut"
  • My 7-Step Gut Healing Protocol made simple.
  • Constipation hacks to help you go to the bathroom with ease
  • Easy ways to get BETTER sleep even when you can’t get more
  • Specific nutrition protocol that's simple and effortless
  • A 52-Page Hormone Friendly recipe book full of colorful meals
  • A 7-Day Meal Plan made simple and enjoyable with the guesswork removed.


  • Secrets of balancing your estrogen and learning the main pitfalls of estrogen dominance.
  • How to become invincible to stress and let it roll right off your body
  • The reason why women can’t get pregnant
  • ...and much more


  • Is the pill really bad for you?
  • What happens post-pill and why do you get acne, body odor and other post-BC issues?
  • Specific supplementation and herbs to help with coming off the pill


  • Adrenal healing guide to get you back in balance and feeling amazing
  • Specific factors that affect your thyroid and Hashimoto's
  • Why fat is everything to your body and hormones
  • Specific supplementation and hacks to heal your thyroid
  • Workouts that will help stress fall right off your body


  • Learn about this one lab marker that'll determine if you have PCOS
  • How to tell your hormone imbalance based off this simple chart
  • Balancing your blood sugar and kicking cravings to the curb
  • The easy way to eliminate bloating for good
  • Use food to increase hormones that keep you happy
  • How to utilize one nerve in your body to strengthen your digestion... and sex drive


  • Sugar cravings?  Try these tactics in this bonus course
  • Why this master nerve helps regulate your digestion, hormones and appetite
  • What's candida anyway and how can you fix it?
  • Some simple tips to help you digest and feel relaxed and calm

Make Me This Promise...If You Join This Small Group Of Driven Women You’ll Take Action...

Listen I was afraid to drop the price because I feel like it’s not a huge commitment.

But I want to help MORE woman NOW.

Because I needed this and I wish someone was there for me when I was suffering without answers.

So here’s the deal sister… the investment is more than 10x smaller than the $4000 my clients pay to work with me.

Not $1000…

Not even $500…

Heck it’s probably less than what you paid for you last cookie cutter diet program. What a piece of junk that must have been.

...I’ve wasted more on a couple bottles of supplements.

Honestly, this makes me uneasy..but it’s what I need to do to help the most amount of woman possible.

So if you want to balance your hormones in just 30 days…

✅...eliminate the bloating

✅...lose weight

✅...eliminate stress

✅...clear and firm up your skin


BONUS #1: Guest Expert Justin Janoska on leaky gut, autoimmune disease and trauma within the gut.

BONUS #2: Estrogen Dominance and healing the Liver with Dr. Nicole.

BONUS #3: Adrenal, gut health and optimal stress reducing hacks with Dr. Seth.

BONUS #4: Jac Carly on CBD, skin care, healing from the inside out and more!

BONUS #5 Private Facebook community where you can ask all of your questions and get REAL support.

BONUS #6 Private events where we all get together and VENT.

BONUS #7 An easy-to-follow meal plan to help balance your hormones and give you energy!

BONUS #8 A Cheatsheet guide on Candida, sugar cravings and constipation!

...And I’m working on more experts to come share their secrets on what really makes a woman feel strong, vibrant, and healthy.

Soooooo I’m exhausted from writing this letter and need to get off my computer but…

Babe, I just want you to feel the power and energy you have hidden deep inside you.

I want you to feel confident, sexy, and most of all happy with the body you live in. 

We all need a good laugh, great sex, and friends that just get us.

I hope that you’ll give me the opportunity to help feel like you again… because I know how incredible that really feels.

- Your Girl Kim

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