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High-Level, Private Coaching With Kim

I’m not your average health coach.

My approach is about getting into the nitty-gritty and finding real feedback from your body.

You deserve to know the answers to why you don’t have the energy you used to have, or why you can’t sleep no matter how hard you’re working out. Or why, even though you’ve tried every diet under the sun, that stubborn fat still isn’t going away. Watch for the ways your body reacts to certain foods, and determine the right workout regime for you based on the amount of stress in your life. This isn’t for the woman looking for a quick program to jump into. (If you’re interested in that, try my Hormone Reset Program. It’s pretty awesome!)

So who is it for?

  • This is for the woman who wants to completely overhaul her health and get her life back.
  • It’s for the woman who doesn’t want to stay up until midnight for weeks on end doing massive research trying to figure out what’s wrong with her.
  • It’s for the busy woman who doesn’t have time to be in and out of doctors’ offices over the next five years.
  • It’s for the woman who has no idea where to begin, and for the woman who wants a guide to walk her through the process of reclaiming her health, one baby step at a time.
  • It’s for the woman who has no foggy idea which of her hormones are out of whack, or even if she does know, still has no clue how to begin putting them back in balance. If you’re this woman, I’m your guide into a brand new world.

Because here’s the truth—you don’t have to be captive to a subpar life. You alone are the master of your health and your mindset. You can create whatever health, lifestyle, energy, mindset and body you can dream of, and I’m here to show you how.

Dr. P

Bri Snider
Executive Health & Macro Coach

Kim Schaper
CEO and Owner

Here are some of the life-changing benefits my one-on-one journey with you will include:

  • One-on-one strength and conditioning coaching with specific workouts customized for your needs
  • Mindset coaching
  • Nutrition coaching with certified nutrition and macro coach
  • Nutrition plan based off of nutritional findings (i.e. hormonal profile)
  • Functional medicine coaching
  • Lab tests for hormone restoration
  • Follow-up call with doctor after lab results are in
  • Highly-customized plan of care
  • Bi-weekly calls with me (a total of 2 for 1 month)
  • Monday—Friday, 8-5 access to me
  • Welcome kit
  • An entire team (in addition to myself) serving your holistic healthcare needs, including a doctor, a nutritionist and a strength and conditioning coach

As one of my exclusive one-on-one clients, you get access to this board of incredible health experts, all committed to getting you back to complete, vibrant health of body, mind and soul: