Happy & Healthy Hormones

Get Amazing Energy, Fix Your Metabolism, Balance Your Hormones and Drop Body Fat!

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I liked the recipes, they were easy to do and helped me understand which carbs to balance out. I still do the banana pancakes but I use paleo mix.

~Julissa H~

Constantly walking around feeling exhausted with zero energy?

Maybe you’re working out and eating well and you’re still gaining weight?

Oh and those sugar cravings are crushing you at night, not to mention the wine🍷you consume from all the stress….

And let’s not forget about the bloat and brain fog that keeps you stuck, day after day!

I totally get it…..I’ve been here more times than I’d like to admit, but I finally found a way out and I’m sharing ALL my secret sauces with you!

Because listen mama, you don’t have time or space to feel puffy, fluffy, foggy and swollen, it’s time to get to work! 

Here’s the good news, you’re not alone, k?

I talk to soooo many women who are in the exact same boat….

Exhausted and crispy at the ends spinning thier wheels trying to get to the bottom of these issues on their own.

I get it, not everyone can afford hundreds or thousands of dollars with doctors or expensive lab work and that’s EXACTLY WHY I created my Happy & Healthy Hormones crash course at a SUPER affortable price.

I want women like you to get to the root of their metabolism/hormonal issues without spending hours on end going down the google rabbit hole, wasting your precious time and energy, not to mention your hard-earned dollars on stuff you don’t have time to figure out.

I’ve got your solution here….in Happy & Heathly Hormones.

In this course I teach you exactly how to boost your metabolism, gain energy, balance your hormones, eat for your thyroid and get a high dose of quality sleep with some of my favorite tools and tactics I’ve learned over the last 33 years!

While I don’t believe in quick fixes, I do believe in getting you results by giving you what you need to get there quicker than I did.

In this course, I packed over 12 years of personal experience and education into this mini-course to cut out the nonsense, trim the fat, get to the root and get you RESULTS!

If you’re ready to ditch the mid day crash, have amazing energy and vitality, eat for your own body and understand how to manage your stress and sleep Happy and Healthy Hormones is for YOU!

Is Happy & Healthy Hormones For YOU?


YOU if you can't lose weight, no matter how hard you try.


YOU if you're struggling with fatigue, burnout, exhaustion and too much coffee☕️


YOU who needs help with sustainable nutrition & exercise long-term without hours in the gym.


YOU to understand your metabolism and sugar cravings


YOU if your stress feels unmanageable and you need direction on how to fix it

In This Mini Course You’ll Discover…

Secret #1

How to identify the root cause of your issues: low energy, fatigue, anxiety and weight gain. 

Secret #2

How to reduce bloating, digestive issues and heal your gut with a simple 1-2-3 step process.


Secret #3

Boost your metabolism and calorie burning with Kim’s specific fitness and nutrition protocols.

In This Simple DIY Course You’ll Learn:


The #1 reason you can’t shed body fat and keep gaining weight.


Little known secrets to speed up fat loss without destroying your metabolism.


EXACT labs to demand from your doctor for your thyroid and hormones. (Psst, you’ll sound super smart)


Why you’re constantly tired and my top sleeping agents for an amazing night’s sleep.


How to regulate your low thyroid to reduce bloat, increase energy and drop body fat naturally.

Take a peak inside!

Here’s What You Get:

8 simple videos (all under 5 minutes) to explain WHY and HOW to fix your metabolism, balance your hormones, reduce fatigue and more!

8 printable cheat sheets with easy step-by-step solutions to your hormone/metabolism problems.

An easy-peezy meal plan to help with your metabolism and hormonal balance

5 hormone-friendly workouts guarenteed to boost your metabolism and give you lasting energy!

Private access to your own membership portal for easy access and viability.

✅ Bonus: Kim PACF protocol


Get instant access to Kim’s PACF Protocol!


Learn the difference between fat loss vs. weight loss with the right foods


#1 easiest way to calculate your calories without the obsession


Understand portion sizes with simple hand measurements for nutrition balance


Tools to help with your "slow" metabolism


Simple food combos for travel and on-the-go


Master macro basics for nutrition ease and metabolic health


Kim’s Happy and Healthy Hormones program provides an insurmountable amount of super helpful hormone information! Kim teaches and shares with you what you need to do to get your hormones and metabolism moving in the right direction! I was amazed at all I learned within the 2 weeks of the program and am still implementing today! My hormones are much happier and healthier, for sure!!!

~Julianna H~


 I speak on issues surrounding women’s health, while practicing as a holistic wellness coach and a certified personal trainer. But my passion lies in helping women like you reclaim your inborn confidence, health and well being.

I’m not like most health coaches and personal trainers, though. I am not a one-size-fits-all guide.

My specialty is taking a complete look at what’s going on in your body and emotions prior to assigning a solution to you.

Why’s that? Because every woman is different. Not every diet or fitness regime is going to work the same for every woman.

I’ve learned through trial and error that the human body is both precious and complex. And sometimes, even the most well-intentioned experts do harm when they don’t take into consideration all of the factors at play within a woman’s body before giving their recommendations.

For years, I struggled with emotional eating from starvation to binging, and swung the weight pendulum from 75 lbs to 185 lbs, all while battling an addiction to working out and maintaining my outward appearance. 

After I finally gained mental and emotional healing, I discovered that the years of bad habits had created a plethora of hormonal issues. 

Regardless of what my doctors were telling me (and believe me, I went to a bunch!) I knew there had to be another way. I became a student of understanding female hormones; what causes them to go out of balance, and how to naturally bring them back into equilibrium. 

The answers absolutely blew my mind, and I knew that I had to share them with the world.

Because the truth is that you don’t have to be sick anymore.

You don’t have to struggle with chronic fatigue, weight gain and hormonal ups and downs. 

You can get your life back. 

And I’m here to show you how. 



Only feedback I have is positive! I loved it and learned a lot, it was easy to navigate and how you designed everything was perfect for me. You were able to keep my attention without the info being too busy and overwhelming. Not an easy feat 😂 I now share random hormonal info that I learned from you to my girlfriends whenever they’re having issues they don’t realize are hormonal. Forever recommending you!! You’re the best 🙂

~Sam K~