Masterclass: Learn Your Labs 101


Gain knowledge, become empowered, get to your root issues and fix your hormones & metabolism!

It was so amazingly helpful to understand what the different labs mean and how they can impact other. ~Kendra~

Are you tired of going to your doctor and they respond with, “Your labs are normal.”



*You’re tired of your doctor prescribing meds as a bandaid rather than getting to the root issue?

*Your intuition tells you something is off and you can’t pinpoint what it is. (even when your doctor says you’re fine?)

*You’re tired of feeling like crap and gaining weight and you feel like no one is listening to you?

*Your body isn’t responding the same way with exercise and nutrition and you know there’s more to the puzzle?

*You’ve tried everything under the sun and NOTHING seems to be working?

Absofuckinglutely!! Knowledge is power when it comes to your health! Learning about the optimal ranges for hormones was so fascinating!! I kept pausing after each hormone to refer to my own lab work! I love how thorough both of you were. Thank you!! ~Becky~

This is very helpful for women to understand that they need to dig deeper than “normal within range” results.  Also, your guest was knowledgeable and you conducted the session in a very efficient and non-alarmest or hyperbolic way.~Sarah~

You are not alone nor “crazy!”  Knowledge is power.  It’s time for you to get to your root issues and become knowledgable so you can be armed with information the next time you see your doctor.

It's time to take your power back!

Hi! I’m Kim.

After my own battle with hormone and metabolism issues, I knew there had to be another way than the route I was going.  I took my health into my own hands and finally found a system that works for life!  Say bye to belly bloat, weight gain, fatigue and a low sex drive.

It’s time for you to feel amazing and get to the root of your health and hormone problems.

It’s time to live your best life! 

In this Masterclass you will learn:


What specific labs you need run to get to your root issues.


The difference between “normal” ranges and optimal ranges. 


How to show up smart and educated to your doctors appointment.


The #1 reason why it’s more than calories in/calories out method for fat loss.


Learn the secret sauce to hormone & metabolism levels.  No, it’s not another diet.


If you’re not losing fat, here’s why you should test certain hormones rather than count macros.


The truth about ESTROGEN DOMINANCE.  What your doctor isn’t telling you.

This masterclass was so informative! It’s normal to trust doctors, but you should also do your own personal research and education for yourself. It’s ok to ASK QUESTIONS and expect/want more than “everything’s normal” answers when you think it’s not.~Etta~

Learn from our FNP and Kim in this Masterclass!

In this masterclass, Kim and Tane-FNP take you through an example using Kim’s labs in a step-by-step fashion so you know EXACTLY what you need to test for AND what each marker means.

The class gave me so much great information about lab work, optimal levels and what tests are important that you don’t get otherwise! ~Jenn~


What will happen right after I purchase it?

You will get an email with the masterclass recording you can watch right away.

Is this masterclass live?

No. The masterclass was on November 18th. You will get to watch the masterclass recording only. 

Will I walk away with more knowledge about my labs and health?

10000%.  This class will be incredibly educational and powerful.  You will walk away with tons of information and ways to implement everything you learn specifically for YOU!   There’s no other class online like this!