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How 💯’s of My Clients Have Used The 4-Step ‘Hormonal Hacks’ Check List  to Achieve Effortless Fat Loss & Endless Energy in Just 90 Days!

(All without Slashing Calories, Cutting Wine 🍷, or Counting Macros)

March 19th 8pm est / 5pm pst

In this Masterclass you will learn:


Our 4-F Protocol that has helped 100’s of our clients heal their hormones, rebuild their metabolism & have effortless energy!


Why toxins are destroying your hormones, brain & gut health.  Plus, simple tools you can implement ASAP to help your health asap!


Our secret foundational protocol used to kickstart your energy, reduce inflammation & restart your metabolism.


How to achieve your metabolic potential in Perimenopause and beyond.


The #1 training tool we use to change your physique and body composition. 










“This was extremely helpful and allows me to feel more empowered in understanding and addressing my health at a new level. So much valuable information. Thank you so much for sharing!”


What happens after I sign up for the class?

You’ll immediately get a follow-up message with all the details.  Be on the lookout for emails coming from Make sure to check your spam!!

Is this masterclass live?

This is a LIVE class. Those who attend live will get access to a special bonus.  

Will there be a recording if we can’t attend?

Yes, but only for 48 hours.  Please note, if you can’t attend, you’ll get the recording but no bonus.

What will I learn from this class?
Kim will teach you our exclusive 4-F protocols to help you understand your own unique metabolism and hormonal profile.
She will share lots of tools and tricks on how our clients have lost inches, regained their confidence and feel better than ever.


What if I need additional support after the class?

Kim will help guide you with next steps and how to create a specific plan of action customized to YOU.