Introducing: #Nutrition4Hormones

For Women Who Want To Learn How Eat For Their Hormones, Heal Their Metabolism & Regulate Their Cycle!


March 7th – April 6th

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“My cycles, periods and symptoms make so much more sense now!”
~Sarah M~

Teaching YOU EXACTLY How To Eat For Energy, Hormones & Your Metabolism!

Honestly, teaching women how to eat for their hormones is easy for me….

In 2015, I was struggling with MAJOR hormone imbalances….

Bloating, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog and my hair was falling out in clumps.

Talk about all the red flags!!! 🚩🚩🚩

I knew something had to change so I took action so I researched and read a zillion books on hormones.

I saw a functional medicine doctor.

I changed my diet and exercise protocol.

And I really listened to my body.

It took a year to fully turn my hormones around but for a big portion of that time, I was spinning my wheels with no direction.

I wish I had someone to help guide me.

Someone who understood and had walked in my shoes.

Once I got well I knew I wasn’t the only woman struggling with this stuff.

So I started creating my own systems to fast track women like you to success MUCH QUICKER THAN IT TOOK ME.

To work exclusively with my team it’s 2k + a month and I’m fully aware not everyone can afford that.

Which is why I created #Nutrition4Hormones, a 4-week course to help YOU get back to your body’s own natural rhythm.

I fully believe nutrition is the foundation for repairing hormone imbalances. 

Hi!  I’m Kim

After years of yo-yo dieting and chronic over-exercise I dealt with massive hormone and thyroid imbalances which left me exhausted, overweight and miserable.

It wasn’t until I found a functional medicine doctor, changed my diet and training routine and started healing my mindset did I finally start getting results.

The answers absolutely blew my mind, and I knew that I had to share them with the world.

Because the truth is that you don’t have to be sick anymore.

You don’t have to struggle with chronic fatigue, weight gain and hormonal ups and downs.

You can get your life back.

Now I feel happier and healthier than ever at the age of 42.  It’s become my mission to help women thrive and take back their health and happiness to live the life they’ve always wanted to.

It’s time to get you feeling, happy, healthy, strong, energetic and vibrant!  Thank you for being here.

And I’m here to show you how.

“My gosh I learned the importance of testing!! I have my blood work test tomorrow, so I hope to have a better picture to re-join for June:)”

Who Is #Nutrition4Hormones For?


YOU feel as though you have a "broken or slow" metabolism and feel stuck.


YOU constantly feel bloated, tired and miserable, especially before your period.


YOU have PMS, PCOS, fertility issues or other period problems that you want to heal


YOU want to know how to eat for your hormones without boring or bland foods.


YOU want clarity on EXACT foods that support your metabolism


YOU want to look and feel better and fit into your clothes again.


YOU want more energy and a consistent cycle each month.

With Nutrition4Hormones, I learned that I am not alone and not crazy…I just might have too much estrogen. ~Maria~

Right after purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details on what’s next!  MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM!!

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“I loved How to understand my cycles better! Such a great program! -Debbie”
~Sarah M~

What’s included in #Nutrition4Hormones?

Exclusive Access To A Private Membership Site For All Your Hormonal Needs

Attend Kim's (4) LIVE Q & A Sessions For Support In Real Time

BONUS WORKOUTS!!! Learn Kim's Training Protocol For Amazing Energy and Hormonal Balance

Get private FB group support and guidance in a fantastic community.

Get EXACT recipes for optimal hormonal balance and a robust metabolism.

Master Which Supplements Work Best For Bloating, Fatigue & Belly Fat

I’ll be teaching:


How to eat for each phase of your cycle


How to use food to help with acne, cysts, PCOS, bloating and cramps


Foods you should avoid during your period


Why you're not losing weight even though you're eating "clean and healthy" most of the time


Supplements that help with headaches, estrogen dominance and weight management


How to eat for perimenopause and menopause


The #1 food to eat for pregnancy


Foods that help fertility


Recipes to incorporate during each phase of your cycle


My thoughts on Intermittent Fasting and Keto

Overall, #nutrition4hormones has definitely been the best wellbeing course I have ever attended. Western medicine does not handle too well hormone issues but this gave me hope. Also Kim’s positive attitude has been absolutely great!!


#Nutrition4Hormones Group Program



*EXACT recipes, supplements, nutrition and educational content with easy-to-follow videos from Kim on each phase of your cycle.

*(4) LIVE Q & A sessions with Kim for questions in real time

*Private membership portal for easy access at your fingertips

*Exclusive FB group for community and support

*BONUS workouts provided with EXACT workouts to implement during different phases of your cycle.

“I really enjoyed learning more about period cycles than anything and some good foods to eat during.”


What if I'm on the birth control pill or IUD, can I still learn how to cycle my nutrition?

Yes, absolutely! While it won’t be so clear cut as someone who’s not on the pill, I will be covering how to cycle your nutrition around your birth control.

If I'm perimenopause or menopausal, is this a good challenge for me?

While the information isn’t as detailed with someone who IS cycling, I still offer a section on food and exercise suggestions and all the info will be super helpful.

Do I get access to the content right away?

You’ll get access to the Facebook group within 24 hours of your request to join.  Module 1 in the portal will be accessible on Sunday, March. 7th, the day before the program starts.

Do I get to keep the recipes?

You get to keep anything that’s given to you in a PDF form or google docs, so feel free to download and keep it forever. 🙂 You’ll also have access to the portal during the lifetime of the program.

I am vegan. Will this challenge work for me?

You can make the meals work for you, you’ll just have to make sure you’re getting adequate protein and sub options with some of the recipes.  I will not be offering custom meals for vegans though.

I will be traveling and I will miss most of the challenge. Will I be able to access the content later?

You’ll have access to the Facebook group until October 31st and your access to the portal won’t expire.

If you’re okay with watching the masterclass recording, checking in from time to time in the FB group and going over the content in the portal on your own, you’ll be fine. You’ll still be able to download the content and read/watch at a later date.

What if I cannot join the masterclass live?

The masterclass recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the class, so totally fine if you cannot make it live.

I am not on Facebook, can I still do it?

Most of the action will happen inside the group when it comes to accountability and progress. However, all the deliverables – modules, recipes, live Q&A recordings – will be available to you in the portal, so you will not miss on any of the content.

“It was really cool to learn the best foods to eat around your cycle” ~Mindy~