Step #1 Complete Your Onboarding Via Text

Watch for a welcome text from Katy, our Executive Admin.

She will make this process easy and welcoming for YOU, so you have a clear understanding of how the program works. 

Katy will walk you through each step of M3 and show you how to use our private app and FB group.

Please note, it’s VERY important you complete your onboarding steps within a week, in order to not delay your program time. 

 Step #2 Join The M3 Facebook Group

Join HERE to connect with your coaches and the other amazing women on this journey with you.

This is where all the magic happens!!

 You can also find the #Replays for all of the M3 Group Calls and Masterclasses in the Facebook group. 

Just click on the microscope as shown and enter #replay!

 Step #3 Save These Important Dates!

The page HERE is where you need to go ANYTIME you want to access dates & times for our weekly zoom calls.  

Kim teaches here weekly, and we HIGHLY encourage you to show up, this is a large part of the program. 

You can always catch the replay and listen on your walk.

All of the former guest speakers are listed on the second page too. 

 Step #5 Client Contract and New Client 1:1 Form

It is super important that you sign your client contract before your start date. 

PLEASE make sure to fill out your New Client 1:1 form BEFORE your first call(s) with your Trainer and Nutritionist. 

Without this information, they cannot create your custom plan, please fill this out at least 24 hours before your first call. 

 The link to your contract and New Client 1:1 form will be sent via text, from Katy.

 Step #6 Trust The Process and Learn

Remember, you have plenty of time and this is not a race to the finish, time is not running out.

We highly encourage you to take one step at a time and REACH OUT anytime you feel stuck or need support.  

That’s what we’re here for! 🙂 

We’re sure you’ve done tons of other programs that promise super quick weight loss, but we all know that’s not realistic, and it doesn’t work!  

Therefore, be patient with yourself.  Give yourself some breathing room and space to move through this process without pressure.  

You WILL get the results you want, just stick with it and trust the team! 

We gotchu!!


Team Kim!