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You can get $300.00 for every friend you refer who joins the program!

Ready To Make A Referral? 

Send Kim a personal group message on Facebook or Instagram and connect her with your friend!

Make a Facebook Introduction

Make an Instagram Introduction

Don’t know what to say? Copy/Paste the text below

Hey <Friend’s Name>, I’d like to introduce you to my coach Kim Schaper.

I joined her  1;1 coaching program in [insert month] and it kickstarted my weight loss, lit a fire in my heart to take my health seriously and was the starting point for me in balancing my hormones and jumpstarting my metabolism to lose weight in a sustainable way! [share a recent WIN if you’d like]

Kim, <FRIEND’S NAME> is a good friend of mine and I think they could definitely benefit from your coaching program.

I’ll let you two take it from here, but let me know if you need any help. 👍

💰How To Get Paid!👇

Think you just landed a solid referral? Follow the easy steps below to connect with our team and get paid out quickly!

1. MESSAGE OUR TEAM – Shoot an email to Katy Brattis – at with the subject line, “NEW REFERAL ” 

2. INCLUDE SCREENSHOTS OF THE CONVO – Please include screenshots of your conversation to verify your efforts.

3. INCLUDE YOUR PAYMENT ADDRESS – We pay all of our referrals out via Paypal, include your PayPal address and we pay you out on the last day of the month!

Eligibility / Disclaimer

Referral payouts will be granted only to current active members or former members who have fulfilled their promise agreements.

If you are a current member with a past-due account, you are ineligible to receive referral payouts until your account is current and up to date.

The referred persons/s must join one of Kim Schaper’s 1:1 coaching programs in order for you to qualify for the payout.