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Let me guess, you’re ready for a change?  Maybe you’re sick of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?  Or, you might even be seeking some guidance, consistency and accountability with your current routine?

I want to first congratulate you on making the first step.  This is it!  Regardless if you’re seeking tips or a complete overhaul of your current lifestyle, I’m here to help you every step of the way!

First, let me give you a little introduction about myself so you know what this Kim woman is all about.  You might even question, how would she even have a clue what I’m going through right now?!  Trust me, I’m an open book and can pretty much guarantee I’ve gone through stories similar to yours and I want to help!

A little about me…

I grew up in Atlanta, Ga where I’ve pretty much spent my entire 38 years.  Growing up I was always very active and loved anything that involved being outdoors and animals.  In high school, I ran Cross Country and Track and tried to stay as active as possible.  I felt happy and proud of where I was in life and it wasn’t until college that things began to get a little sticky.

I’ll never forget coming home after my first year in college and I had felt the effects of eating cookies, cakes and pizza every night.  I gained the traditional freshman 15 and I was desperate to lose weight.  I remember joining a gym for the first time and really dove into strength training.  The trainer at the time had me completely change my diet, often consisting of chicken, broccoli and well, chicken.

Needless to say, I lost weight but felt awful, yet I was so afraid to regain the weight I had lost.  I took this super restrictive diet in my back pocket when I went back for my second year of college and that’s when my life began to crumble.  I was in and out of abusive relationships and my food and body obsession went hand and hand with them.  I would often find myself starving and living off Crystal Light packs and carrots.  My parents came to visit me my sophomore year and they were in total shock.  I had withered away to 95 pounds, which is very small on my muscular frame. They quickly pulled me out of school and enrolled me in a residential treatment program specializing in eating disorders.

After a few months of living in this treatment center, I had regained the weight I had lost and I couldn’t figure out why I was still so unhappy.  I felt disconnected from my body and quickly resided back to my old restrictive behaviors.  My lowest weight to date was 75 pounds back in 1999 (which you can see below) and I was on my death bed.  To this day, my mother still talks about checking on me every night to see if I was still breathing.  To say I was malnourished, anxious and miserable is an understatement.  A year after my starvation period I boomeranged to the other end of the scale.  I had become obese for my height and size and for the life of me, I could not fill up.  I needed food and constantly more of it.  I often felt empty and alone without it.  I even had my own refrigerator in the garage, aside from the large one already in the kitchen, to stash my extra food.  I would even carry 12-15 grocery bags in my car on a regular basis just to feel safe knowing I had food close if I needed it.  My life was still out of control, but just in a completely different way.  I was no longer starving, I was binging.  This cycle went on for years and throughout the course of my 20’s.

I was in and out of rehab 8 times and to this day I feel so sad for all the pain and suffering I caused my family and friends.

My body was my identity.   

I had still hadn’t been able to let go of identifying myself purely based on my body and it’s relation to food, exercise and obsession.  There was no middle ground and zero balance in my life through all these years.


The term "FIT" is a tricky one. To me, that word carries far greater weight than just the physical element. I think being FIT means acknowledging and accepting ourselves entirely.


One thing that I learned on my long journey is that fitness isn’t about the quick fix; it is about developing a balanced life and becoming stronger and more confident. A good fitness routine will help you maintain high energy levels rather than feeling mentally and physically exhausted after work. Of course, the most difficult part is starting, as with any new journey, but that first step could change your life. I will help you take it, because I once wore your shoes and I understand how intimidating it can be.

Fitness training really is all in the mind, and sometimes people just need a little encouragement from an experienced instructor before they unlock their own potential, looking forward to sessions as they gradually see positive results. Being a fitness instructor isn’t just about showing people how to throw weights around or spend endless hours on a treadmill. A good instructor should be a therapist, helping you to address the other aspects in your life and build a healthy mind to complement the healthy body.

I had low self-esteem and depression and fell into a vicious cycle, but I discovered fitness and realized that I could tackle my issues positively, channeling my negative feelings into becoming strong and healthy. Now, I regularly compete in triathlons. I am not saying that you need to become an athlete, but there is no reason why you can’t become fitter and happier.

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