I was talking to a client of mine last week and she was feeling super sluggish, unmotivated and bloated. Her weight had been steadily increasing over the course of the last year and she couldn’t pinpoint the cause.

“I’m eating well, I’m moving as often as I can, and yet, something feels off. I know it.”

Two months prior she went to her OBG-YN for her annual exam and mentioned to her doc something was off and when the labs returned back normal, she was floored. She called the doctor and demanded more testing, yet the doctor told her she was fine.

Needless to say, my client was feeling incredibly frustrated, especially when her doctor looked at her and said, “Just eat fewer calories and move more.” (I find this to be the typical catch-all phrase my clients are told.). Super frustrating, right?

By the time she came to me, she was in tears because she couldn’t understand WHY she felt so bloated all the time, WHY her weight was continuously going up even when she was doing “all the things” and WHY her mood felt so up and down.


Even though her doctor told her she was fine, my client didn’t believe her.  She found me on IG after a few of my posts, reached out, and she’s been with me for 2 months now.
And guess what?

She’s already lost 12 pounds.

WHY? Because we fixed her from the inside out.

Meaning, we lifted the hood, rummaged around to see what was TRULY going on and got to the root of the issue.  No more bloat, no more around-the-clock sadness and no more weight gain.

I share this story with you because I truly believe it’s up to you to find a “fixer” or someone who can help heal you from the inside out.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to your hormones and metabolism:

1:  One-off macro plans and workout plans only scratch the surface.

I cannot tell you how many women come to me after they’ve tried all the cheap programs and meal plans they’ve found online.  I can tell you with 100% certainly, these don’t work long term and not only that, many of them end up backfiring against your metabolism.  Why?  Because most are not catered towards your body specifically.  You could easily have high cortisol and your coach is telling you to do more HIIT workouts and yet, you’re gaining all the weight.  Duh.  Your body is stressed.

2:  Your metabolism is constantly changing.  

Just because something worked for you 2 years ago or even 2 months ago doesn’t mean it’ll work for you now. Ever wonder why a workout plan that got the weight off a year ago quit working now?  Yep, it’s because your metabolism is constantly evolving.  When you’re stressed, going through menopause, post-menopause, pre-menopause, pregnancy, etc. everything changes which means you have to be willing to change your routine too.  It’s about finding a program that feels good and organic for you NOW.

3:  If you’re not lifting and eating protein, you WILL NOT see a shift in your body composition. 

Strength training is a MUST for females.

Adequate protein is a MUST for females.

“studies suggest the best approach is to combine adequate protein intake with weight training, which increases muscle mass — and that also can boost metabolism.” -harvard health.


In my opinion, it’s worthless constantly trying all the programs out there that don’t offer custom programs based on YOUR needs.  Diet and exercise can only take you so far, especially as we age, you often need more insight into your hormones and metabolism.

If you haven’t heard, I created a super-customized 12-week program called Fit Female Formula where all the guesswork is taken out for you.  As this program is evolving, I’m now bringing on even more experts to help fine-tune my clients which is so exciting for me. 🙂  To learn more, you can fill out an application to see if we’re a good fit.  I’m currently full but I’m starting to take applications for the new year.  YOU CAN APPLY HERE.