Okay, first things first, right now times are CRAZY, let’s be real.  99.9% of us are quarantined at home, about to lose our minds and feel like a caged animal ready to bust at the seams.

For most of us, we’ve never had to experience this type of extreme in our life time and it feels scary, uncertain and anxiety provoking considering we don’t really know when all this craziness will let up, let alone bring us back to a sense of normalcy.

2 weeks here, 3 months here, as humans we crave a landing pad, we crave safety, security and comfort, especially during times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity.  It’s no wonder we feel lost in transition, unsure what to do next or how to even navigate our new life, present moment.

But here’s what I can tell you, now more than ever, YOU need YOU.

Some of you might be cocking your head confused as to what I’m talking about.  “Kim, of course I’m doing me, I’m trying to do what I’ve always done, just in a different way now that I’m stuck at home.”

I hear you and yet, after talking to so many women, one common theme keeps coming up.  Over and over again.  FEAR.

  • FEAR over losing control over their food and gaining weight.
  • FEAR of eating too much out of boredom or feeling like they have a lackluster life.
  • FEAR of their stress overriding them and losing a sense of control.
  • FEAR of the inability to keep it together and others seeing their weaknesses or vulnerability creep in.
  • FEAR of not being able to workout and keep their fitness and physique in check.

I want you to step back for a minute and look at those bullet points.  Do you see a commonality? Let it sit in for a moment.

All of those FEARS are externally based.

Meaning, other than the fear of vulnerability, we’re more concerned about a) how we’re going to control others perceptions of us and b) how we’re going to control our behaviors (ie: food, exercise, our weight). Of course these are legit reasons to feel scared, ambiguous and erratic, its time dial it in and really get clear with what’s driving our fears to begin with.

I truly think the majority of this comes down to the FEAR of not trusting ourselves and shifting our internal dialogue to one of external validation. 


“If I lose more weight I’ll feel in control.”

“If I eat less or restrict I’ll feel happier.”

“If I workout more now than before I’ll feel accomplished.”

“If I read numerous books on self-help and development I’m further along in my journey.”

“If I do more than my neighbor or friends, I’m more worthy and productive.”

Of course it’s easy for someone to say, “well just eat less or be mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth.” Ha, fine but are they living inside your head?  Probably not. 🙂

Lots of you have been asking me for nutrition advice or how to navigate your food choices during the quarantine and I appreciate that!

AND I also encourage you to look at where those fears are stemming from. Be investigative with yourself. Do you find your anxiety creeping in at a certain moment or time during the day so it’s easier to fixate on what you’re going to eat or how you’re going to burn calories?

Maybe not, just something to think about because behind the food, there’s always something deeper.  And what’s deeper is often again, FEAR.

Do you know what happens when humans are fearful and scared?  They go into protective mode, self-defense and almost tune out of reality. So again, pay attention, when you find yourself feeling scared, anxious or uncertain, is that when your thoughts around food, exercise, not being good enough or the drive to do more creeps in?

Maybe for you, it’s not really about the food, you just need a bit more structure and I 100% get that.

If you feel like you need a bit more structure when it comes to meal planning, creative food ideas, nutrition tips or specific nutrition implementations, I can definitely help you.

Sometimes we just need someone to tell us what to do, to lessen the load and have one less worry to deal with.

Here are a few nutrition tools I always fall back on during times of high stress and chaos.  It’s not like I’m trying to control anything, these tips just bring me back to the basics and prevent feelings of overwhelm.

  1.  KEEP STRUCTURED MEAL TIMES.  Maybe this means you set a timer on your phone 3 times a day to check in with yourself and see where your hunger levels are at.  For some of us, we’ve completely lost a sense of our hunger as we pick and snack throughout the entire day, avoid eating at all to “save up for later” or overeat to avoid something uncomfortable. Regardless, checking in a few times during the day can work wonders, especially when it’s consistent and structured day to day.

2.  TAP INTO YOUR “FULLNESS FACTOR”.  I do this a lot when I’m either a) eating out or b) traveling because we can’t always predict what we’re going to eat and it’s impossible and down right silly to think we can prep all of our meals.  Many times when we eat out, get food to go or have pre-prepped meals (which is probably the majority for most of us right now) we have no clue what ingredients or how the food is prepared.  Most often, these meals are laden with butter, oil and other fats so we might load up on additional calories that we really don’t need.  This is when I use my “Fullness Factor” method.  I eat around a 2/3 and finish around a 7/8.  

3.  ADD ENOUGH FAT/CARBS AT EACH MEAL.  I see this a LOT.  Women not eating enough at meals and find themselves picking on protein bars, cereal, peanut butter, etc. because they’re still hungry.  No wonder why some are still hungry, they’re only eating dried chicken and lettuce with low fat dressing.  I always make sure to add some healthy fats like avocado, seeds, oils, (1-2 servings) at each meal and maybe a complex carb like sweet potatoes, beans, rice if needed.  Especially post workout or on the days I train hard.  We need those carbs! Instead of obsessing about cutting carbs when you’re eating fat at a meal or vice versa, aim for balance! I promise this will feel more doable and less time consuming.  As you well know, there’s nothing worse than feeling hungry after a meal and your brain is still thinking about food.

If you still feel like you need some additional support, structure and accountability during this time, I gotchu and there’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.  I get it!!!

Right now, I’m offering a Macro Plan with my assistant Bri who’s been doing macros for years!  This is a great way to make sure you’re getting your nutritional needs met and need a bit more structure and consistency on your day to take the guesswork out.  I currently have a few clients doing it and they love it.  The Macro Plan has lessened their load on thinking for themselves and they feel a bit more levelheaded with their food choices.

Feeling like you’re someone who needs to develop a bit more confidence in your ability to stay consistent and increase your nutrition knowledge along with feeling like you want a bit more freedom with your food choices, this is a great fit for you.

You can grab your spot here. 

I’m currently offering two different options, so feel free to take a look and as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!