We hear exercise is awesome for us so that means we should be doing it everyday right? Well. Not necessarily! Many times too much isn’t a good thing. Don’t some of you wonder if you’re doing TOO much? I’m going to give you some super simple guidelines that can help you identify if your body needs a break!

1. You’re dreading hitting the gym. I mean dreading it. You have zero motivation and the thought of going makes you tired. You know if you go, it’s going to set you over the edge even more and the thought of a nap sounds much better off. Rest. Your body is telling you to do so. Honor it.

2. Your anxiety has been off the charts. I know we all have anxiety that fuels some of us more than others but if you notice you get anxious off a wrinkle in the carpet then it’s time to take it down a notch. Your nervous system is on overload and you need to bring your parasympathetic good guy back in to balance you out.

3. You’re on edge and you want to bite someone’s head off. Sure, this can be from a combo of stuff from your son putting his smelly socks on the counter to someone cutting you off in traffic. However, if you notice you’re more edgy than normal, your cortisol is more than likely elevated. Go for a walk instead and save those high intensity workouts for another day.

4. You’re gaining weight. If you are eating all the right things, working out TONS, especially exuberant amounts of cardio, and you’re holding weight then back off the stairclimber. It’s more about quality vs. quantity.

5. You’re losing muscle mass. Cut back on the cardio if you find your losing the lean mass you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Increase your protein as well.

Again, working out and exercise is awesome! Just make sure it’s effective, smart and just enough!