It’s been quite amazing to see the transformation of my three chosen “Body Makeover Clients”. I have been coaching them in nutrition and fitness for 6 weeks now and I’m happy to report they are all doing so well. The three of them are much like you. They work hard, they are moms, wives, sisters and daughters that got into the cycle of caring for everyone else but themselves. They gained weight, lowered self-esteem, lack of energy and motivation and at times felt really depressed.

I had asked if they ever tried any type of fitness or nutrition program and all three of them said the exact same thing. “Kim, I have tried everything from the all protein diet to the liquid shakes all day and I couldn’t stick with it for long. I felt defeated, depressed and frustrated and had no clue where to turn.” They all admitted that they viewed fitness as what you see in the magazines such as the chiseled six-pack and the legs that are undeniably rock hard. It was a goal in which they never felt that they could reach, more or less maintain. It saddens me when I see that people’s interpretation of health as having 2% body fat and essentially starving themselves.

As I have said from day 1, it’s not about a diet or exercising until you are blue in the face. It’s about living a balanced, healthy and productive life to the best of your ability. My approach comes from the personal experiences I have endured along the way and honestly, learning from my mistakes so you can prevent them in your journey. This is their journey so stay tuned to see their continued progress, mind set and body changes!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my 3 BMC clients.

Magan Van Tonder:





Age: 26

Height: 5’8

Weight: (as of 3/31/12-start of challenge) 183lbs

BMI: 34.8% (3/31/12)

What made you decide to try this challenge?

How did you get to this point? I lost focus on the most important person…me! My weight gain began in college, like most young people. I went from being very active to being somewhat active. I went from viewing food as just a way to stay healthy and alive to an unhealthy, emotional obsession. I am an all-around emotional eater, not only when I’m down, but when I’m up, or sideways. I don’t necessarily make poor choices all the time, but my portion control is beyond out of control.

Favorite body part: My long legs

Least favorite body part: My midsection

Favorite Quote: “Throw Away Yesterday, Today is a Brand New Day” –Sia (Musician)


Kristin Sheehan:






Age: 35

Height: 5’4

Weight: (as of 4/2/12) 171lbs

BMI: (as of 4/2/12) 36.5%

Journal a day’s worth of food, what does that look like?:

AM: 2 cups coffee both with half & half and 1 packet splenda
1 Nutrimed Protein shake and one pc rice almond bread with one scrambled egg
Lunch: McDonalds ½ & ½ tea and med Wild Berry Smoothie
Dinner: Chick Fil A nuggets entrée only , split tea, small shake had half
*The days start out with good intentions and end not so good.

Why now?:

I realized I have got to do something, everything to get stronger and stand tall
and be proud of my fitness.
Someone tagged me in the most awful picture of myself I have ever seen in my life
and I think that was a huge OMG moment. I am so tired of letting this run my life for
years. Everything else is in place and I am happy , except fitness. This time , I’m the
boss and I don’t plan on ever looking like this again.


Saree Naggiar:





Age: 31

Height: 5’8

Weight: 195lbs (as of 4/2/12)

BMI: 37% (as of 4/2/12)

How did you get to this point?

I got to this point, when I got married and had children. It didn’t happen over night, it progressively snuck up on me. Initially, it was failure to workout and eating unhealthy and then I got pregnant. I thought I could be one of those girls that could eat whatever she wanted while pregnant and then it would all come off as soon as my child was born. Yea, not so much! It was the beginning of the end and I had put on 61 lbs in my first pregnancy. I took about 40 lbs. off and got pregnant again, only gaining 28 lbs. because I really watched what I ate and walked everyday. Still I was and still am overweight. People will say, you have such a pretty face — well, that won’t get me anywhere. I want to be happy in my own skin. I want to look at myself and say, I did this. I busted my ass and did this! Alas, marriage and two kids later, I’m completely overweight, exhausted and feeling hopeless.

Fave food: I LOVE any kind of salty chip, pretzel, pizza, Salad (love salad), fruit
Least Fave Food: Not a huge fan of Bar-b-que, Mayonnaise (yes, I realize it’s condiment), Pork


**Stay tuned for updates of their progress!!!**