Feel a twinge of yuck when you read the title of this blog post?  Kinda like, “Ummm, no!  I CAN DO THIS and who is she to tell me otherwise?!”

Here’s my question to you though, if you truly think and believe you can’t do something, what’s the likelihood you actually CAN?


A few days ago, I posted thison my IG feed:

And let me just tell you, the story behind this photo was far from glamorous.  You see, for years, I was so caught up in following what everyone else told me to do, any and everything from diets to how I should show up in my life.  You know where that got me?


I believed I wasn’t good enough, worthy enough, fit enough, strong enough, and the list goes on and I was right.  I wasn’t.  Not because I wasn’t capable of those things, but purely because I didn’t believe I WAS those things.

Don’t we all at some time or another tell ourselves we’re never going to get past this temporary pain we’re currently feeling or we’ll never work through this hardship of financial strain in our life?  Of course, but it becomes incredibly problematic when we stay stuck in this space, not to mention the toll it takes on all of those around us.

Choosing to stay stuck in the “victim mentality” gets us absolutely nowhere, and quick.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was expressing how she had no money left in her account, how she felt like a failure and didn’t know if she would ever make any money and I point blankly looked at her and said, “Yep, you’re right.  You won’t make any money.”

At first, she looked pissed and then she said, “You know what, you’re exactly right, as long as I continue to convince myself that I will never make a dime, I won’t.  How do you transition that mindset though?”


When we believe we are capable of something greater, we have the attitude and mindset we WILL have something greater.

Example: “I will have enough money to take care of my family and live comfortably.” 


“I have no money and I will never make enough to support my family.”

See how different this sounds?

When we choose to believe from an abundance mindset we’re more inclined to have the attitude as such, yes?

Then, what happens next?  That attitude/belief system will manifest into ACTION!

Think about it this way, if we’re telling ourselves we ARE going to provide for our family, we have the confidence to actually take ACTION and do something about it rather than staying in the martyr mindset convincing ourselves we’ll never amount to anything.  Then, of course, we won’t take action because we’ve established that thought before we even tried to change it!


We are ultimately 100% responsible for how we choose to think and show up and if we continue to stay a prisoner in our heads, will we really succeed?

But, what if we stuck with it and chose to continue to believe and take action that something positive is ahead on the horizon, will the results come?  Absolutely.

You know what the problem is though?

Most of us give up too quickly.

We’re not seeing the results after months of grit and grind, we cop out a year in and we fail to allow consistent effort and action to create a snowball effect.

The hardest part is staying patient and just because the outcome we wanted didn’t arrive on our doorstep yesterday, doesn’t mean it’s not coming in a bigger package down the road.

Trust me, I’m not patient either and we’re taught to fix it NOW!  We all want the quick fix and the instant gratification, but I see it time and time again, the ones that stay the course, no matter how hard it maybe, are the ones that see the results and amazing outcomes time and time again.

Bottom line?  Change your thoughts and change your reality and KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!

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