After talking with tons of moms who are desperately trying to keep their head afloat amongst the daily chaos, it’s no wonder they dread workouts!  It’s just another tick on the task board that has to get done for the day and who really has time for that anymore right?

I can’t imagine trying to juggle 5 kids, work a full time corporate job (as if being a mom wasn’t full time enough) cooking meals, trying to keep the house in order, etc.  No wonder they’re exhausted, lack motivation to sweat and the workouts are the last thing on their minds.  Where’s the wine and sleep?

While I can only imagine how difficult it must be to juggle 10 things at once, I want to help you find ways to de-stress, de-load and realize why the exercise piece is so important for YOU.  I don’t want it to feel dreadful or boring, I want it to be something you look forward to.  As a way to decompress and take 5 minutes out of your crazy day to do something for YOU.   

You need it, the kids need it, the family needs it and you deserve it.  I’m sure the mom guilt creeps in because you don’t want to be away from the kids or you don’t want to put the burden on someone else but you are deserving of 10 minutes of time for yourself each day.

Here’s a few tools I want you to tuck away and think about when you feel like you just can’t do it.  Because-you can and you have to prioritize this for you.

  1.  Take the weight loss piece out.  So many mom’s I’ve spoken to dread the workouts because they think, how can this little amount of exercise really do anything?  I’m already X pounds overweight so why even try?  We think there’s no point don’t we?  Well, there is a point because this little bit of movement goes a very long way and you’re worth it.  Instead of consuming your mind and drive for exercise for weight loss purposes only, how about think of other reasons why you would like to move.
  2. Focus on the positives movement can bring you.  Again, taking the weight piece out, make a quick list of how exercise makes you FEEL.  Examples could include:  “Exercise helps me have more patience with the kids.”  “Exercise lifts my mood and I feel less depressed.”  “Sweating makes me feel accomplished and rejuvenated.”  Think how much better that sounds then, “I need to lose weight.”  “I have to exercise because everyone is telling me to do so.” “I need to move because I’m fat.”  Start with the positives.
  3. Prioritize yourself to benefit others.  As I hear moms say, I have to take a time out from the kids or I’m going to lose it!  I feel in order to be our best selves we have to carve time out of our day for some sort of self care routine.  Even if that’s taking some nice deep breaths in the car so be it.  Maybe it’s as simple as going to be earlier to function the next day.  If we’re feeling tired, make it a priority to get an extra hour of sleep.  Ultimately, we’re responsible for ourselves and our happiness and if movement and self care is part of that we owe it to ourselves to make it happen.  Not only for our benefit, but for the sake of our children as well.  Let’s admit that when we take time for self care we’re less likely to become angry or lash out when they do something wrong.  Movement takes the edge off doesn’t it?

Here’s to you and making self care a priority in your daily routine.

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