I have to be honest and say I’m feeling a bit squishy these days. I can definitely relate it to not working out as much and eating one to many of those kickass Whole Foods cookies that manage to call me over every time I see them.

I’m also noticing as a woman in her 30’s, the older we get the more things tend to go south. You agree with me don’t you? I mean let’s be realilistic here. Not to many of us would DIE to have a tush like below now would we?



Many of us long to have a tight fanny like this one right?



But you have to wonder at what cost does that come? For the lucky ones they can sit on their butt, eat Doritos all day and have a killer behind. However, for many of us we have to work hard to get those cheeks to even lift a tiny bit! As women we tend to be our own worst critics and at times we are never satisfied with the body or shape we are given. Yes, we can tweak it here and there and workout to feel good and toned but sometimes that’s never enough. I train a lot of women that look amazing but they constantly harp on the fact that their legs, arms, toes, you name it make them feel insecure. I totally get it. I really do. There is nothing worse than putting on a pair of your favorite jeans and they are too tight or you go to put on a cute shirt and the sleeves feel to snug.

I could spend copious amounts of hours in the gym, isolated from others and fixated on looking “so called perfect” or I could spend time with people that I love and feel comfortable in my own skin. This is when I look at the balance. Yes, I love to workout and feel strong but at the same time I love to have a balanced life and not spend hours obsessing about whether or not my legs touch.

I find I’m just rambling but I do want you to know that you’re not alone in trying to find that “balance” with workouts and life. Bottomline, if you are eating healthy, clean and organic foods most of the time and exercising 4-5xs a week then you are doing just fine! Be easy on yourself and know that you are beautiful and strong just the way you are.

Cheers to being happy and healthy….