We all have the tendency to look in the mirror, turn side to side and huff and puff about the imperfections that make our body unique. However, we all know we don’t always see those “gushy spots” or “cellulite dimples” to be the least bit cute or unique by any means! To add more stress to the matter, it’s almost bikini season and we have to look hot in our suit, ugh!

So, whether you are a hard core gym freak or a stay at home mom these 3 simple rules can be applied to everyone! Alright, so let’s get this ball rolling. I mean, really? Do you want to be seen this season in granny panties and ruffles? Didn’t think so!

1. It’s all in the mouth. Unfortunately we can’t sit on the couch,eat a whole pizza, wait 2 hours, workout and still feel lean. 80% is our diet, no qualms about it. I’m sorry! I know it sucks when you want to eat all the yummies in the world but those high fat and sugary treats won’t help your waist line. “Well, what can I eat Kim? I don’t have time to cook healthy.” Yes you do. That’s an excuse. Here’s what I suggest to not only transform your figure but to also have a sense of well-being and mental clarity. Greens,greens and yep, you guessed it,greens. Broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts you name it, they are all good for you. Fresh fruit. No not the canned kind drained in syrup but a fresh, raw apple will do the trick. Lean meats like turkey,fish,beef,chicken are all great choices. Just don’t deep fry them like your momma used to do. Grilling, steaming and baking are all great ways to eat them the clean way. Grains. If you eat them pick the healthy choices please. Lucky Charms cereal doesn’t count. Brown rice, bulgar, sweet potato and whole grain pastas are all terrific grabs and supply a healthy blood sugar level without the crash you might experience from a doughnut for example. Healthy fats like olive oil, flax seed, avocados, and raw nuts are a great way to get your daily dose of essential fatty acids. If you choice to eat dairy opt for the low fat options like 1% milk. See? That wasn’t so bad now was it? 🙂

2. Sweat and move! Don’t expect to just eat well and not exercise. They go hand in hand and you make it fun! Working out shouldn’t be a daunting task, rather it should be something you can look forward to! Bike outside with your kids, take the stairs rather than the elevator and park your car further away in the parking lot. Those little changes go a long way! Start out walking for 20 min and see where that takes you. I’ve had clients that easily needed to lose 200lbs and all they started with was walking 5 min a day. Many of them now can run or hike a mountain without thinking twice. Baby steps and determination is all it takes. If you are already highly active I always recommend a balanced training regimen. This includes cardiovascular training, weight training and yoga/Pilates style workouts to maximize your potential and decrease the risk of injury.

3. Your mind is a glorious thing. Keep positive! Life is too short to wallow in pity, hold on to anger or mope around depressed. Find that balance of work,play,family,friends,spiritually and nurturing your relationships. Remember the grass is not always greener on the other side rather it’s the side that’s fertilized. Have confidence in your decision making,nurture your relationships and find a hobby that makes you happy! Enjoy life and smile! I promise that goes a long way!