Although I’m childless at the moment, I still have to think I can be of some value when it comes to being creative with kids and food. Therefore,I often times get asked the question, “Kim, what can my kids eat that’s healthy and quick?” There are actually some fantastic options that I find not only vital for their health and well-being but that are FUN! (listen..we all know kids are all about making things fun and enjoyable. They also love to be a part of the cooking process to make them feel included.)

Take this for example…I went on google, clicked on images for smiley face pancakes and bam!  I made this for my little cousins in the past and they went bananas over this smiley face staring at them on their plate.  (well..minus the neatly folded green napkin and knife.) Trust me, you can make food healthy and taste good while creating a concoction that brings a smile to their face.  This one is super easy…Here you go..

Buckwheat pancakes with fruit:

2/3c. Pancake mix (I always get the organic buckwheat Arrowhead Mills brand)

1 egg or egg white (cage-free/omega 3 rocks)

2 tsp. canola oil

2 tsp. honey

2 tsp. finely ground flax seeds (love to have these in to give them a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids)

3/4 c. milk, soy, etc.

 Mix all of these together until the lumps have disappeared.  Cook on 375 degree lightly oiled (I use spray) pan and turn when they start to bubble.  Let them cool and add the berries and finely sliced strawberries around the perimeter of the pancakes and you are done!  As far as syrup goes make sure to get quality maple syrup and not the cheap stuff that’s loaded with processed sugars.  (Your kids will be bouncing off the walls and defeats the whole purpose of healthy pancakes.


Have questions regarding lunch or dinner ideas?  Here are some of my top choices…


These are high in Vitamin A and beta-carotene and they taste delicious!!!



Both of these are my top favorites for a quick and healthy option for nuggets vs. something disgusting like this that’s full of fat, preservatives and artificial ingrediants…


Again, you can make this fast and easy and remember to take baby steps…For example, instead of having a juice box, chop up some raw fruit.  Go for wheat bread instead of white bread and limit cookies and cakes.



Again, small changes go a long way for your children.  Remember that creating healthy eating into their daily routine will create less anxiety, behavioral issues and better sleeping patterns.

If you have questions regarding the link between junk food and poor behavior problems take a look at this site and see for yourself.

On to a new day of strawberries versus fruit loops!!!