As I’m in the final stages of my ShapeHER Coaching launch, I received an email from one my online girls that couldn’t have come at a better time!

I couldn’t stop smiling after I read this email and here’s why: she had encountered a super stressful event and instead of allowing that to dictate her food choices, she took control of the situation the best she knew how.

Okay, sure of course the hospital isn’t going to offer the best food choices (which is unfortunate) but it’s the truth.  She didn’t panic, instead she opted for the best that was available to her and made choices based on what felt right to her.  There’s no specific diet method she has to follow (think only chicken, broccoli and egg whites) rather she navigated the options she had and made quality choices.



This type of situation is real life because who are we to kid we’ll have our tubberware sectioned out perfectly when circumstances such as this arise?

If we’re on a specific diet that eliminates, restricts and has tons of parameters we’re going to get so anxious and overwhelmed that we either a) not eat, b) obsess about what we’re going to do or c) panic.  There’s absolutely no reason to create this type of fear in our heads which only causes MORE anxiety and fear that we totally lose sight of what we need.  The self-trust factor goes out the window and we’re more reliant on someone else’s food choices to dictate what we eat.  Why should we have to choose what feels right for us based off what someone else wants or suggests we do?  Of course there’s a time and place for that, especially if we’re someone that struggles with food and we need a little help.  But-over time, all that does is continue to sabotage our own efforts to gain confidence in our food choices.

This is exactly what we discuss in several of the mindset modules in ShapeHER and I go into great length to talk about the importance of owning our food choices and honing in on what feels right for US.

No need to perfect a certain way of eating (ps. that doesn’t exist) it’s all about being our own detective during the process and trusting that we can make the right decisions based on that moment.

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