“But I don’t have time to workout.”

Sure you do, you just need to make it a priority and create the habit to get your motivation ball rolling in the right direction.

Here’s my ultimate solution if you’re:

Strapped for time

Cannot fathom going to the gym for an hour +

A mom who can’t leave their child 

A newbie to exercise

Someone who just needs to move

Someone who’s no longer seeing the results they want

  1.  Save the cardio for last.  

I know, I know, you hear it all the time, “don’t do too much steady state cardio!”  “you’ll burn through your muscle…blah blah.”  Listen, cardio is amazing and if you love it, do it!  However, the majority of my clients want fat loss in a short period of time and just doing cardio isn’t going to cut it.  If you’re on a time crunch and want the greatest fat loss bang for your buck, do this instead….

Lift heavy shit, and not just standing bicep curls.


No, I’m not saying you have to go and crush 100lb curls, but what I am saying is you must challenge your body if you’re longing for physique changes and I’ll tell you right now, those 3-5 pound Tracey Anderson workouts aren’t gonna cut it.

Here’s my thought process on it all…..ladies, if you want a bangin’ body and LOOK LIKE YOU work out, you’re gonna have to dive into the iron and make that shit happen.  You’re gonna have to get out of your comfort zone, huff and puff a bit, sweat and werkkkk.  But not for long. 😉

When you’re short on time, hands down, the best workout you can do is metabolic type conditioning movements so workouts that challenge the muscle and your heart rate.  When we combine both weight training and cardio training in one, we’re golden.

So let’s say you’re someone who falls into one of the categories I mentioned above, you know what you need?  It’s simple, you ready?

Dumbbells and a mat. 

That’s it. Oh, and a small room to knock out a workout.  As long as you have a room that’s as long as your body, snag it. Most of my clients will either workout at home or they will literally head to the gym, pick a corner and go to town.

Let’s say you have 20 minutes to crush before you have to grab the kids from school and have zero time to hit the gym.  Here’s what I want you to do:

Set your timer for 20 minutes and knock out the following:

30 seconds alternating front lunges
rest for 15 seconds
30 seconds of push/press
rest for 15
30 seconds good mornings
rest for 15 seconds
30 seconds lateral raises
15 seconds rest
30 seconds sumo squat to pull
15 seconds rest
30 seconds goblet squats
15 seconds rest
30 seconds of push ups
15 seconds rest
30 seconds of DB or KB swings
15 seconds rest
Repeat for 20 minutes! Record your rounds.

Here’s what I absolutely LOVE about these short, high-intensity workouts.

A) They challenge you in a good way.  How many of us have chosen NOT to work out because we thought 10-20 minutes wasn’t enough?  Yeah, me too.  Here’s the problem I have with this way of thinking…it’s too black and white.  Wouldn’t we rather crush 10-20 minutes of exercise than nothing at all?  Of course.  So when in doubt, just DO.  I can promise 100% that you will be so happy you did something rather than nothing at all.  #doneovernone as my girls say.  The movement not only gets our endorphins flowing, but that short sweat sesh is proven to make us more creative, happy and energetic.  Long ass boring workouts are for the birds and sooooo overrated.

B) We’re proven to work harder when the workouts are shorter.  Think about it, if you have 20 seconds left on the clock of your workout, are you going to slow down or are you going to push hard and finish strong?  How many times do we hit the gym, look at the clock and know we have 45 minutes left so we screw around?  Let’s be honest, we’re definitely less likely to challenge ourselves and we’re far from feeling super accomplished when we can walk around and chat it up with John in between reps.  Put on your headphones, tune out the noise and get to work!

C) We won’t have insane cravings and hunger levels when we’re exercising smartly. I’ve been in this spot more times than I can count, working out for hours, only to come back and completely overshoot my calorie needs because I was so hungry I couldn’t get food in my mouth quick enough.  Then, I would feel bloated, ashamed and full so, of course I woke up the next morning to start the cycle all over again.  Over exercise, over eat, rinse and repeat.  Anyhow, when we work out smart, we instantly notice we’re not as hungry, we’re not craving as much sugar and carbs and we don’t have this insatiable need to destroy everything in our cabinet.  I notice I typically just crave some protein, veggies, some starch and some fat but not too much, just right. 😉

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