Let’s be honest, men have it pretty darn good because they only have ONE major hormone to deal with and that’s their testosterone.

However, for us ladies, we have a handful of them and if one gets wonky, the others are guaranteed to follow suit.  Whether we have high stress, poor food choices or an inadequate exercise routine, over time these habits can transcend into a downward spiral of unresponsive hormones.

And, unresponsive hormones are no bueno.  We become crabby, cranky, edgy, swollen, bloated, tired, fatigued and cold.  We lose our hair along with our periods and we feel like we’re about to have a nervous breakdown if our dining room rug is uneven.  Don’t say otherwise or your head will be chopped off in 2.5 seconds.  We cry over spilled milk and we tell our husbands repeatedly that we feel fat.

Seriously, there’s nothing worse.

So, let’s say we go to the doc and everything looks great.  Oh wait, let me stop there for a moment.  The doc can say everything looks great but if we still feel off, go and find another one!  I hate that thyroid scale for that very reason.  The range is so broad that even if we feel like we’re about to lose our shit the doctor tells us we should just go take a nap.  Oh no, take my word and find a naturopath to help regulate your hormones, otherwise you will be on this never ending journey to finding your sanity.

Okay, so we see the naturopath and we have some answers.  What else can we do?  Let’s start with the nutrients our body’s need during hormonal disregulations.


Typically found in seaweed, kelp, or iodine grandules like THESE.




Brazil nuts are the bomb for this mineral.  You can also purchase a selenium supplement as well.



Vitamin A:

Foods high in Vitamin A are terrific for hormonal support. One of my favorites is organic Sweet Potatoes and they are also wonderful for progesterone levels.



Saturated Fat:

Coconut Oil is my all-time favorite to help fuel my thyroid because our hormones are based off healthy cholesterol levels and we need them to be regulated to help produce more progesterone.  That’s why I highly recommend a good, clean coconut oil to help us out.

My favorite is Onnit’s MCT oil which you can purchase HERE.   I love Onnit’s vs. regular coconut oil because the MCT’s contain 0% palm oil and MCT has shown to digest better in our body’s more so than just your traditional coconut oil.


Hope these help!

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