If you’re like me, a workout never really “counted” unless it was an hour or more of some type of cardio.  It wasn’t until I became my own detective by reading, researching and asking the best in the business, “So, what is the best exercise for fat loss?”

Coming off triathlon training, my weight was going up by the minute and I knew I couldn’t keep the momentum of 2 + hours of workouts a day.  That started my quest to learn more about a women’s body, the effect exercise has on hormones, the benefits of weight lifting and how fat loss really occurs.  I knew it didn’t come from hours of exercise, so that’s where my journey began.  I desperately wanted to learn more on how to exercise effectively, more intelligently and quite candidly, realistically.  Because, let’s be real, not many of us have 2 + hours to workout a day.  We have deadlines to meet, people demanding our attention and life duties to achieve.

So, let me keep it short and simple for you.  



Now, let me start by saying this….I’m specially addressing fat loss goals, not endurance goals or how to complete an ironman.  99% of the women I work with want fat loss, to look tighter and more toned and to feel strong and confident.  That’s why I firmly believe that LESS can be MORE.

Let me explain:

There’s a time and place for lower intensity, longer duration type training.  It’s great for our health, proven to increase our heart rate variabilities and help treat depression.  Plus, I find it quite beneficial in any weight loss program.  However, it’s when we get into the rut of doing the same thing, over and over, with little to no intensity (think of the woman on the treadmill chatting on her cell phone everyday.)  Fat loss results WILL NOT happen by doing this alone.   

Enter higher intensity, shorter duration exercise.  Now, let me preface with that fact that this stuff isn’t comfortable.  That’s why most of us fail to do it.  We don’t enjoy feeling like we’re breathing through a straw, nor do we crave the feeling of our legs burning like crazy.  However, when done appropriately, timely and just enough, this is the stuff that gets us crazy results.  I like for my coaching ladies to integrate HIIT sessions 1-3 times a week MAX.   Honestly, it depends on their fitness level, how their adrenals are functioning and so forth.  These are tough workouts but they get the job done.  20 minutes a pop max.

Other than just your traditional 30 on 30 off sprints on the treadmill, you can really do these intervals on any piece of cardio equipment.  Also, there’s tons of other ways to really jack up your heart rate and get the same benefits as the sprints.

Try this workout:

Set your timer for 20 minutes and do as many rounds as you can within that time period.  Try to do this workout each week and see if you’re able to increase the amount of rounds you can complete within that time frame.

That way you can really see if you’re improving!

Here you go:

Everything is 10 reps.  GO as heavy as possible.  Dumbbells needed. 

Reverse lunge with a bicep curl (10 one leg and switch)


Renegade Row with a Push-Up 

10 Jump Squats (holding weights by your sides)

As always, have fun and be safe!  This workout is just one example of all the workouts that are included in my ShapeHER coaching program which opens for enrollment next week!  For the month of November, we’re specifically getting into the nitty gritty of fat loss, workouts that help, nutrition to propel us along and so much more!  You can sign up >>>HERE.  Would love to have you join us!