I think we all feel defeated at one time or another when it comes to our food right? How many of us have had that internal dialog that sounds something like this,

“Okay, I messed up today, tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to get back on track.”

“So I had 1 egg, 4 whites, 1/4c. oatmeal for breakfast. 1 grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli for lunch. It’s 3pm, I’m starving and I’m craving more food, yet I’m so afraid to eat!”

“I’m so excited, I’m starting a new cleanse tomorrow so I can lose 5 lbs.”

“Yeah, I’m eating a large pizza now because on Monday I’m on my diet again.”

Sounds familiar right? Trust me, you’re not alone!!!!



So many of us struggle with obsessive food thoughts, the next diet or the fastest way to get skinny. However, what we often fail to realize is none of these work! Sometimes I have people tell me they want to lose 10 lbs when there’s nothing more to lose. I ask why? Their answers are typically always the same. Because I will feel better and be happier. Ummm…hello, no. Hate to say it, the only way to true happiness is to find that love within ourselves.

I can speak from experience and I remember one time in particular that I was so focused on my weight. I was 2 years into my marriage back in 2010 and I kept looking at my thighs thinking how gross they were. I would pinch, pull and get angry at my fat and I wanted it gone and gone that day! I started to get overly obsessive about my workouts and food that I did end up losing weight but I was miserable. I was miserable because I was more focused on being lean than having to go home and deal with my husband at the time. I was so fearful of saying the wrong thing, walking on egg shells and I was desperately fearful of communication with him. Therefore, it was so much easier to focus on the “so-called” 10 lbs of fat on my thighs (which by the way, didn’t exist, it was my own warped mind creating something that wasn’t there) then to have to deal with the issues going on at home.



How can you help yourself with those food thoughts?

1. Acknowledge that you feel them. Validate them and reframe. (ex: “I know I’m obsessing about that pancake I just ate and that’s okay, however, I know that I’m absolutely worthy of having it and that pancake doesn’t define the person I am.”)

2. Eat balanced! Don’t cut, restrict or binge on foods because A. you’re afraid you won’t get them again. or B. you’re afraid to eat off your “diet plan” When you eat whole, healthy foods your body doesn’t crave as much as the other because you are fueling it properly! If you want chocolate eat it! If you want pizza eat it! Talk yourself through the process and enjoy it!!! There’s no need to eat quickly because then you can’t taste it, have fun with it and be mindful!

3. Talk to someone if the thoughts are consuming! There’s nothing wrong with seeking help when your life is constantly bombarded with food related thoughts.

4. Don’t isolate. Biggest mistake when you’re feeling unworthy or defeated is to stay holed up alone and become more consumed in your head. Get outside and go for a walk, call a friend or go see a movie.

You’re worth living the best life you can, free of food obsession and restriction!