How did you do last night with all the Halloween candy?  Maybe the next question should be how are you doing today with all that Halloween candy?  Haha.  So tempting isn’t it?

Maybe you’re giving it away to the office or school, or if you’re like me, I like to keep some of it because I actually do enjoy candy.  Like I mention in most of my stuff, I’m not keen on the black/white or all or nothing mentality.  So, for those of us that love the candy, how on earth can we find that moderation when we have a huge sack full of it right in front of us?


We play games with ourselves and create small victories to feel accomplished and confident with our choices.  That’s how we do it. 🙂

  1.  The carry over method:  This is one of my favorite games when it comes to candy.  Here’s what you do.  Let’s say you want to treat yourself to 2 pieces of candy for the next month because to you, that’s moderation.  So, you ration them out just for a week at a time.  So that would be totaling 14 pieces for the week. Put them in a baggie and make sure it’s out of your view until it’s time to have them.  Let’s say for tonight, you only want 1 piece versus 2.  Then, let’s say tomorrow you end up over-indulging a little bit and have 4.  Well, now you only have a certain amount left for the week.  You cannot go over the 14 you agreed to.  If your bag of candy is gone before the end of the week, oh well.  If you end up eating less than the 14 you agreed to then you can carry those over to the following week.  Make sense?  So the more you have at the end of each week, the better.
  2. Out of sight game:  Let’s be real, if we have the candy in full view we will eat it.  “Oh, just one since they are so small.”  Before we know it, we polished off an equivalent of 3 king size candy bars.  Just get them out of your way and take them out of that bread basket.  If you decide you do want one, enjoy it but make sure to put the candy back where you found it.  On that top shelf of the pantry. 🙂  You could even have your kids or hubs hide it from you.
  3. Nibble it out:  This is where you have a larger piece of candy that you savor over a period of time.  You could easily stick this in the freezer and after dinner have a bite rather than the entire thing.  This works great for some as they only need a little taste to take the edge off.

Any other games you play with yourself when it comes to candy moderation?  If so, I would love to hear about them!

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