It’s so easy for us to constantly look at the next best diet, cleanse, food, drink, pill, etc. to drop weight and gain more of a healthy lifestyle.  However, how easy is it to allow that to backfire because it’s never long lasting?  Sure, we might drop a few pounds in the process but many times it’s very short-lived and we are left with feelings of defeat and frustration.  So how can we move out of the traditional “quick go to” and lean more into the simplicity of health and fitness?  It starts with going back to the basics and cutting out the excess noise for the latest and greatest product.  Let me explain…..

  1.  Go with the whole foods and limit the processed.  When we go to the store it’s easy for our go to to be down the middle aisles to grab the simple boxes of goodies.  It’s often our kids beg us to get the sugar laden cereals or the brightest colored box with the animal on the front.  Instead, start with the outside of the store.  The perimeter of the store would include the fruits, veggies, meats, eggs and less processed crap.  Aim to fill your basket of those healthy foods and then add a few goodies down the middle aisles to get a sense of balance.  I do believe in the 80/20 rule.  Most of my diet will consist of whole foods like the fruits, veggies, meats, grains, healthy fats, etc.  The other 20 comes from my #NN (non-negotiables) to keep the sanity in my diet.  These will depend on what I’m in the mood for at the time so those can be anything from oreos, crackers, puddings, frozen treats, etc.

Healthy-food IMG_9306

2.  Sweat most days of the week:  This is an obvious one and yet it’s one of the most difficult tasks to make a priority in our day.  Here’s the thing, instead of viewing exercise as a daunting task and something miserable we dread doing look at it as a way to be happy and feel alive.  So many of us think we have to workout hard for hours in order for it to be effective but that type of thinking can’t be further from the truth.  Even a daily walk of 20 minutes is fantastic and has proven to help with depression, anxiety, bone health, blood pressure, etc.  Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be boring, do something you enjoy like biking with your kids, walking the neighborhood, playing tennis or pushing the stroller at a local park!

3.  Change your mindset:  Our organic mindset is built to be one of happiness, joy and positivity but the negative thoughts and behaviors can implode and take over in a heartbeat.  Instead of self-defeating thoughts and feelings take the little steps to build your confidence and esteem!  Start small and gradually add a little more when you feel ready.  I also find that my clients that set small and attainable goals for themselves feel accomplished and proud when they complete that goal.  Whether that be a 10 minute walk to start your day or complete a half marathon, do what feels right for you and there’s no way to do it wrong. 🙂  Affirmations are terrific to integrate into our daily routines and research has proven that by switching out our negative thoughts and transferring them into something positive, we are more likely to reduce depression, fear, anxiety and social phobia.

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