Do you find yourself slaving away at the gym day after day, watching your portions religiously and only drinking once in a blue moon to find that your body is STUCK?  I get it and it could very well be that you’re doing everything right and maybe these 5 little tips can offer a little insight into your weight struggle.

  1.  You’re holding onto emotional baggage: Sure, you might be working out and eating well but I can promise you your body isn’t going to release any fat when you are stressed and holding onto emotions that are tied to your past.  Our bodies are super intelligent and are vessels that hold our emotions, stressors, and struggles.  Instead of trying to burn it out at the gym everyday day, take one day and try something different.  Pull out your journal and begin to just write and see what comes up for you.  There could be stuff there that you never even knew existed that’s preventing you from feeling your best.
  2. You’re eating the wrong kind of foods for you: None of us are one in the same so instead of focusing on all the things that John and Sara can eat tune in to what feels right for you.  Try to eliminate the foods that tend to be inflammatory like gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, etc.  Don’t feel like you have to do them all at once.  If you notice they make you feel more bloated, gassy, etc. then it’s time to cut that certain food out of your diet for a few weeks.  I would even suggest getting a food allergy test done like the ALCAT to be even more specific.  Funny thing is, the foods you tend to eat the most are the ones that we tend to be intolerant to.  For me, I had to eliminate Kale, Salmon, Avocado and Blueberries from my diet for 6 months.  Crazy right?
  3. You’re not doing the right kind of exercise: Time and time again, I see so many women choosing to ignore the iron and spend more time on the treadmill for their exercise release.  If you are looking for a calorie burning, lean muscle building, metabolic high-rise than long duration cardio day after day is not going to cut it.  Sorry ladies, hate to break it to you but excess cardio is a big no-no when it comes to you trying to achieve a lean muscular build.  Instead of spending hours on the treadmill I recommend to all my clients to focus on HIIT training (high intensity training that’s quick and short) a few times a week accompanied by a day or two of heavy lifting and walks in between.  You don’t need much more than that.  Let your cortisol levels drop in between hard sessions to really allow your body to release fat, stress and exercise induced inflammation.  I always see the most success when my clients follow this protocol.
  4. You’re a Debbie Downer: Of course non of us like to admit if we’re the one that’s the Debbie in the crowd but we all are her at one point or another.  Own it, fix it and change your mindset.  Get out of the victim mentality and quit the blame game.  Instead of focusing on all the things that are wrong, start to appreciate all the things that are right in your life.  Gratitude is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself so appreciate those precious moments and remember, someone always has it much worse than you.
  5. Your Gut is wack: If you’re constipated, bloated, etc. you are bound to have toxins stored in your colon.  I highly recommend pre/probiotics and digestive enzymes.  Garden of Life offers my favorite probiotic here.  Our moods are a direct correlation to our digestive system so make sure you keep it a healthy one.  I also like to get my clients to drink Kombutcha’s, eat Sauerkraut and to take these.  Lastly, get yourself a HIGH quality fish oil like this one.

I hope some of you resonate with at least 1 of these 5.  Shoot me a message at or post a comment below and let me know what works for you!