Ever been out to dinner enjoying your tasty salad only to have your friend or family member in the seat next to you criticize your eating habits?

I sure have it it’s far from enjoyable.  It’s honestly downright annoying and rude.

A few years ago, I felt the need to constantly justify why I was ordering salads at restaurants during meal times and I got sick of it pretty quick.  (Not the salad but people asking)

At first, I felt the urge to justify what I was doing.  “Oh, yeah, sorry, I’m ordering a salad because it’s what I’m in the mood for.”

Dude….F that!

Here’s the deal, we don’t owe anyone an explanation why we choose to eat the way we do.  It’s our bodies and we ultimately have the final say so in what we choose to put in our mouths.  Okay, some might agree or judge and that’s totally fine but isn’t that on them?



I’ve come to notice when others are quick to judge, criticize or critique what I’m doing, they’re often avoiding their own shit.  It’s much easier to focus on other people’s stuff than it is to double down on our own.

Plus, when we have someone that we’ve been able to *pick* on in the past, it’s easier to divert back to that habit.  It’s like the weakest-link in a sense.  We’re quickly able to identify the alpha and the passive one in the group and if the passive or submissive person has a history of disordered eating, people-pleasing or playing small, others will pick up on that and use it as bait.

Kind of like the bullies in class, right?  They tend to find the people who are quick to shut down, stay quiet and not cause trouble because the bullies thrive off hurting others to make themselves feel superior.  Gross.

So, when others might be watching our food choices and eating habits like a hawk does that mean we need to play small, apologize and forgo what we want because we’re worried of the fallout and judgment from others?

Not at all.

Listen, people will always judge, voice their opinion or choose to stake their mark in the conversation to make a point.  Okay, but don’t we have a stance in what we choose to eat?  100%!!!

Let the gawkers be the gawkers but also be willing to stand your ground and stay true to what feels best for you because no one else knows better than we do!  Let me say this though, it’s easy to kid ourselves, especially when we have food disorders or restriction tendencies to convince ourselves we’re fine, we’re eating enough, etc. but if you can be 100% honest with yourself and know deep down you’re doing the best you can or what’s on your meal plan for instance, who gives a shit what others think.

Ever notice the ones that tend to judge are the individuals that kinda want to have the desire or fortitude to do what you’re doing?  Maybe you have a friend or family member that chooses to disregard their health, make poor choices and live in the victim mindset versus choosing to empower themselves with healthier options?  I find those are the people that tend to judge the quickest.

Ultimately, they want what we have, yet they don’t want to put in the work or mental prepwork to make it happen.

Do you boo.  That’s all that matters.  Let others comments fall by the wayside and continue to stand true in what works best for you.

Finally, if other’s have a problem with what you’re eating, maybe it’s time they start keeping their eyes on their own plates. 🙂

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