I was talking to a client of mine the other day and she’s been confiding in me for quite some time now with her food struggles.  (She said I could talk about this as long as I didn’t mention her name.) and she said something quite profound that really struck a cord with me.

We were talking about her past, how she’s struggled with food the majority of her life time and how she was raised to either diet around her mom or hide her food due to shame.

She said, “My eating isn’t meant to be easy Kim.  I’ve struggled my entire life with food and the notion of it ever being easy just isn’t in my cards.”

This comment made me really sad and I could absolutely relate.  If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know my issues in the past with hoarding food, restricting and binging and so on so I totally understood her pain.  It pains me to see someone that I care deeply about still think she has no control over her food, because in reality, she does.  We all do.  We talked at length on foods she could prep for the mere ease of healthy food being available and we came up with a game plan for her to try for 1 week.  Just 1 week and we would take it from there.

I wanted to create something for her that was doable, easy and SIMPLE.  Isn’t it crazy to think about how we love to overcomplicate things?  Especially those of us that have rooted food battles?  I think we feel in order for a “diet” or “food routine” to feel effective, it has to be hard and we have to suffer along the way.  But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be and that’s one of the many reasons why I stand firm with anti-diets.  Any program that’s created for people to win MUST give you tools to set you up for successes and wins, not failures and disappointments.  IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE HARD, BUT SOCIETY MAKES US BELIEVE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE. 

I always go back to the bookstore analogy, think about all of those hundreds and thousands of diet books out there.  Low fat this, high fat this, Paleo, South Beach, blah blah.  If you’re like me, I’ve tried every single of one them and guess what?  I quit, it felt too hard, and then of course I felt like a failure, like why is everyone else able to do this and I’m not?  What’s wrong with me?  Again, food isn’t there for us to feel like a slave to it, it’s meant to nourish us and keep us healthy and alive.

Our body doesn’t care if we want to lose 10 pounds, eat a donut or to fit in our skinny jeans that day, it’s meant to survive.  

And with that, I’m here to help.  It’s about a balance with food, not deprivation.  It’s about fueling ourselves with proper nutrients to keep us functioning and giving our body what it needs.  Until we first feed our body’s appropriately, and for a consistent period of time, our body will never know what’s around the corner.  Is she going to have me diet again?  Do I have to walk around in a deprived state feeling more sluggish and fatigued?  Is he going to have me super bloated, full and uncomfortable today?

At the end of the day, our body wants consistency, routine, and balance.  It literally craves that everyday and if we’re trying to be healthy we’re doing the exact opposite when we engage in the negative behaviors.

Plus, after to talking to tons of my clients, they all seem to say the same thing.  They want food to be simple, effortless and quick.  They don’t want to have to overthink what they can and cannot eat and put tons of time into making the food.  That’s exactly why I created #TRIPLE5.  I want to make it simple and effortless for YOU!  I know it’s a challenge, yes and you don’t have to participate, you can merely sign up to gain access to 5 simple meals that literally take zero time to make.  They are all healthy, balanced, high in nutrients and provide an abundance of flavors.  Plus, you get 5 free workouts that you can do at home too!

Let’s do this together and take 5 days to make a fresh new start before the craziness sets in with the holiday season.



You can sign up for #TRIPLE 5 HERE.  We roll out on Monday so come join the hundred others that are ready to start!