I know the title was quite blunt but it’s the truth, regardless what anyone says.  As I say all the time, when we restrict, we will ALWAYS swing the other way, without fail.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  To be candid, I’m so tired of hearing about all of this diet nonsense because it’s full of lies and false hopes which then transpires to an all too familiar conclusion of defeat.

All I had to do was type “diet” in the google search box and up popped 13,200,000 hits.  Fascinating really.  The mere fact our society has come to this is nothing short of surprising.  Especially after witnessing and talking to hundreds of women pouring their hearts out to me about their battles with food.

“I was told to only eat 1,100 calories.”

“My metabolism is so messed up from years of dieting and restricting.”

“I went to a medical doctor and they told me to try this for weight loss.  It worked then, but now I gained it all back and then some.”

“Why is it that much harder to lose weight now?”

And the list goes on and on.  I get it. These feelings and outcomes suck, but we have all the power to change it and that’s what’s so incredibly powerful.

I want to quickly address the downfalls of diet scams but then I want to finish off with a simple but powerful 3 words that can change everything.  

I can’t help but hold this deep seated anger to all of the medical weight docs in the box that claim to “shed the weight” forever!  Bullshit.  I feel like this mama lion right now wanting to protect her cubs from the pain of the aftermath.  Sure, we’ll lose weight, maybe it’s harder this go around because our body’s are like, “HELLO!?!?”  You’ve done this to me for the millionth time what makes you think I’m going to let you lose weight?  Think again missy!  So, what do we do?  Of course we restrict harder, stronger and faster because our way is no longer working and what once worked before quit working as of yesterday.

Please note this:  The crazier the diet or the claims the crazier the outcome.  Trying diet drops or another way of starving?  Go for it, just prepare yourself for the brutal aftermath.  Just saying.  I don’t care if this doctor or that dieting guru claims to have “scientific proof” it’s bullshit.  We have to recognize they’re in it for the money, toying with our emotional trigger point and ultimately show us results but it NEVER LASTS.  I’m so passionate about this and I hope you hear this in my writing because we might get “skinny” but we then solely base our self esteem on our weight because we then begin to lose sight of what we really stand for and who we really are as humans.

Our weight does not define us. Period.

Who are we kidding when we’re on our death bed and are loved ones are surrounding us saying, “Gosh, that Kim, man was she in great shape or what?”  or, “Wow, Kim had lower body fat than Sarah down the street.”  Ha! Seriously right?

The more we focus on the EXTERNAL, the more we lose sight on the INTERNAL.  And I stand firmly on this very sentence.

I can tell you purely from my own experience and those that I’ve known that have dealt with similar struggles, not ONE OF THEM said, I was so much happier when I was super skinny.  Life was perfect and amazing.  Every one of those incredible women I sat with at treatment centers would openly admit those were the darkest days and their lives were consumed with food.

Here’s where I want to turn this around though…..

I want you to walk away from this blog knowing 3 very important words…..


It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, if you are 10 pounds underweight or 50 pounds overweight.  You’re enough right NOW.  Not when you’re lighter, fitter or skinnier.  It’s impossible to hate ourselves into leanness, it doesn’t exist.  If we stand there before the mirror, constantly ridiculing our body do you really think that’s going to force us to lose weight and be happier in the process?  Absolutely not.  By loving ourselves and being enough now we’re already winning.

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