There’s nothing worse than coming off a weekend binder of alcohol, wine, breads, cheese and fried foods right?  We feel gross, fatigued, run down and definitely feeling that roll over our pants.

Instead of drastically trying to reduce calories on the next detox juice plan, let’s keep it simple and straightforward.  Because-let’s be honest, if we restrict all week trying to make up for last weekend we will repeat the same behavior again.  Why?  Because we’re hungry!

Here’s a few of my tips that I go to when I’m feeling bloated and gross….

  1.  Cut out all dairy, sugar and grains.  Gluten is proven to cause inflammation in our colon, gut and brain.  Don’t we all feel bloated after those rolls we ate at dinner time?  If bread is a must have, opt for healthier choices like Ezekiel Bread, gluten free bread or any sprouted grain.

ezekial bread

2.  Stopping before we get too full.  This is easy to do when we’re mindless and not fully paying attention to the meal in front of us.  Instead of watching TV, surfing the internet or looking at our phones during dinner time just focus on the 1 thing.  Eating.  Being in tune and mindful of our eating creates a more satisfying feeling and we’re actually aware of when we are full!

3.  Try to stay free of grazing and picking.  Anytime we eat, our bodies trigger a hormone, insulin, which creates inflammation in our colon.  Ideally, we need to focus on eating 3 meals a day or even 2 at times.  The myth, “we have to eat 6 times a day” doesn’t exist anymore.  We don’t always have to eat breakfast or eat every 2-3 hours every single day.  It’s okay, we’re not going to starve, cause our muscles to atrophy or slow our metabolism.  Think about the days when we wouldn’t eat for days on end until we found food through hunting.  Deep breath, it’s okay.

4.  Don’t eat when we’re not hungry.  Let me say that again, we we’re not hungry we DON’T have to eat. I’ve fallen victim to the trap of the metabolism is going to slow if we don’t eat all the time.  NOPE.  Our bodies are burning fat in between meals so if we’re not hungry we are overlapping food on top of food which we store as fat when we don’t actually need it.

I hope these quick little tidbits help!  Looking for more?  Make sure to hop on over to my email list where I provide tons of good content around food and fitness. 🙂